Quick Set Friday: Swim/Pull/Kick/Fast!

Choose from three different sets, depending on your ability, and get in the pool this weekend!

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Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty has a blog with more than 500 creative workouts used in her Masters swim program in Clermont, Fla. We’ll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool.
Choose a set based on your ability level. The A set is based on intervals of 1:20–1:30 per 100. The B set is based on intervals of 1:50–2:00 per 100. The C set is 2,000–2,500 yards total and based on a rest interval.

500 swim/400 pull/300 kick
4×250 pull on 3:30 (150 FAST/100 easy)
4×200 swim on 2:50 (100 FAST/100 easy)
4×150 swim on 2:15 (100 IM, FAST/50 free, easy)
4×100 kick on 2:00 (50 FAST/50 easy)
200 cool-down
Total: 4200

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400 swim/300 pull/200 kick
4×200 pull on 3:45 (100 FAST/100 easy)
4×150 swim on 2:50 (100 FAST/50 easy)
4×100 swim on 2:15 (50 FAST/50 easy, non-free)
4×75 kick on 2:00
(50 FAST/25 easy)
200 cool-down
Total: 3200

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300 swim/200 pull/100 kick
3×200 pull with 30 sec rest (100 FAST/100 easy)
3×150 swim with 30 sec rest (100 FAST/50 easy)
3×100 swim with 20 sec rest (50 FAST/50 non-free)
3×50 kick with 20 sec rest (25 FAST/25 easy)
200 cool-down
Total: 2200

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