Do Something Streak, Day 3: Endurance and Fartlek Run

Boost speed and endurance with this simple run workout.

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For Day 3 of our Do Something Streak, we’re utilizing one of our favorite one-hour workouts.

This is a simple, low stress run workout that can help build endurance while also including just enough short fartlek-style intervals to boost speed, form, and cadence. It’s a workout that’s easy to scale back or add to, depending on time and fatigue.

Begin with an easy 10-minute warm-up, running at a relaxed pace with RPE (rate of perceived exertion) at no more than 5 out of 10. Once well warmed up, proceed to the main set, which is a 40- to 45-minute aerobic endurance run (RPE 6-7/10) that includes two rounds of fartlek-inspired builds as follows: 45 seconds fast, 90 seconds easy, 30 seconds fast, 90 seconds easy, 15 seconds fast, 90 seconds easy. You can choose to do the second round right away or return to endurance pace and then dive into the second round.

Be sure to pay attention to good form and relaxed breathing on the faster efforts—these should not feel forced, running at RPE 8-9/10. If you want to run longer than 60 minutes, simply add 10-15 minutes to the endurance part of the workout.

Wrap up the workout with a 5-10 minute cooldown, bringing heart-rate and breathing rate down to finish.

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One-Hour Workout: Endurance and Fartlek Run


10 min. easy run

Main set

40-45 min. aerobic running (RPE 6-7/10) including 2 x [45 sec. fast; 90 sec. easy; 30 sec. fast; 90 sec. easy; 15 sec. fast; 90 sec. easy]


5-10 min. easy jog

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