One-Hour Workout: Strength + Speed

Get stronger and faster by planting yourself on the treadmill for this 60-minute session.

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Building run-specific strength and speed is the key to improving efficiency and gaining fitness, and this session includes just the right combination of both to help you do that. After a 20-minute easy warm-up, you’ll hit the first part of the strength + speed treadmill workout main set, which is six sets of 90 seconds at a 4 or 5 percent incline, followed by 30 seconds rest after each one. You set the pace here, but you’re looking for a speed that brings you to a solid 8/10 RPE (rate of perceived exertion). You’ll then go into a five-minute block at a steady aerobic pace, think 7/10 RPE.

The second part of the main set involves six sets of 60 seconds at 1 percent incline and these should be run at least one-minute/mile faster than the pace at which you just ran the five-minute block. For example, if you ran the five-minute block at eight-minute/mile pace you’ll run these six sets of 60 seconds at seven-minute/mile pace (or slightly faster if you’re feeling good). Take 20-30 seconds rest between each 60-second interval. You’ll then go straight into another five-minute block at a steady aerobic pace (7-7.5/10 RPE), aiming to hold the same pace as in the first round.

Cool down well with a 10-minute easy jog/walk.

Strength + Speed Treadmill Workout


20 minutes: easy and relaxed to begin with, gradually building effort every five minutes

Main Set

6 x 90 seconds @ 4-5 percent incline, 30 seconds rest between each

5 minutes aerobic pace

6 x 60 seconds @ 1 percent incline, 30 seconds rest between each

5 minutes aerobic pace


10 minutes easy

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