Hawaii From Home: Strength Workout #5

This latest strength session is short and sharp to help get your body firing on all cylinders.

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No balanced triathlon program is complete without some strength and conditioning work and preparing for the Hawaii From Home virtual triathlon is no exception. 

This workout, which you can follow along in full from this video here, is about a 20-minute session which is designed to get your body primed and moving well for all the miles ahead of you as you prepare to take on a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and marathon run over the week of Oct. 5 – Oct. 11. 

The session is a short, snappy, and specific one, with just enough plyometrics to leave you feeling fast and fresh. After an opening round of mobility to get you warmed up, we hit two rounds of four exercises that aim to boost your explosiveness and spring. You will need a foam roller and a kettlebell or dumbbell. 

Use this video for guidance on how best to do the following movements/exercises. Time references listed below are linked to this video.

Hawaii From Home: Strength Workout #5

Mobility Warm-Up

  1. High Plank, 5 reps each side – demonstration at 1:15 in video
  2. Downward Dog to Alternate Foot Touches – 5 reps each side – demonstration at 3:00 in video
  3. Open Book Rotations – 10 reps each side – demonstration at 4:20 in video

Main Set – 2 x Rounds of:

  1. Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift into Single Leg Hop – 10 reps each side – demonstration at 7:45 in video
  2. Lateral Steps for Speed – 20 total landings – demonstration at 10:45 in video
  3. Kettle Bell (or Dumbbell) Squat Cleans – 10 reps – demonstration at 12:00 in video
  4. High Plank Alternate Dumbbell Reach and Row – 5 reps each side – demonstration at 13:15 in video.

Round 2 begins at 14:15 in video for further demonstrations and guidance on all of the above.

Kate Ligler has specialized in endurance training in both functional strength and conditioning, as well as technical program creation for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and multi-sport endurance athletes for well over a decade. She is a NASM cPT in addition to a NASM CES (corrective) and PES (performance) specialist. 

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