One-Hour Workout: Ironman Viewing Ride

Pass the time and get your heart rate up during the Ironman World Championship with this one-hour trainer session.

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Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s workout is a Kona special edition. During one of the hours you’re posted up watching the Ironman World Championship live stream, get out your trainer and pretend you’re on the road to Hawi. Temperatures on the Queen K Highway can reach over 100 degrees because of the heat radiating off the road and black lava rock, and the Mamuku winds are strong and constantly shifting in direction. Time this workout with the bike portion of the race. Here’s how to watch.

What you need:
Fan (ideally one rotating and blowing from various directions)
Portable heater*
Laptop for streaming Ironman Live

*If you really want to simulate those lava fields.

Ironman Hawaii Watch and Ride Workout

Start your warm-up as the leading men are almost to mile 45–50 of the bike course. When they make the turn from Kawaihae up to Hawi, put your bike in the big chain ring. Ride up to Hawi in a hard gear simulating a climb. When the leaders hit the turnaround, shift into an easier gear and do 5×1 minute hard efforts with 2 minutes recovery.

Throughout the hour (or as long as you choose to ride), insert these various intervals based on what’s happening in the race:

• Alternate 15 seconds hard, 15 seconds easy for three minutes when the coverage switches to the women’s leaders
• 60-second big gear effort when Sebastian Kienle passes another cyclist
• 4×30 second fast cadence (95+ RPM) pickup, 30 seconds rest every time an athlete takes a sip of liquid
• 2-minute standing climb for a flat or any penalty handed out along the course
• 60-second single leg drill on each leg every time a commentator says the words “lava,” “watts,” “nutrition” or “aero”
• 4-minute build (every minute gets faster) when Daniela Ryf passes to take the lead on the bike
• 2-minute big gear effort when describing any cyclist as “über,” “beast,” or “hammering”

Cool down with an easy spin and get out the foam roller or massage tools to make more good use of viewing time.





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