One-Hour Workout: Interval Bricklayer

Simulate race-day run fatigue with this bike/run interval workout.

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This week’s workout is a relatively difficult exercise in race-day simulation. Rather than doing sets of bike-to-run repeats that work only the first stage of the run, the interval bricklayer teaches your body not only how to cope with the change in sports but also how to still settle into an efficient pace and heart rate before finishing strong.

Because of the nature of this workout, use this set in the middle of your training phases, well after solid base- and strength-work has already been completed. Plan on doing the workout mostly fresh—have a bike/run rest day the day before or at most a light session, and be sure to leave adequate time after a morning swim or make this your only key session of the day. Similarly, it’s important to give yourself enough recovery on the day after the workout—a light spin would be best following this set to allow your legs to flush out.

Performing this workout on a trainer is an option, but because there’s no switching back and forth—like most brick workouts—you can stash your bike in a car or at home before heading out for the run segment. Just be sure you have no interruptions in the minutes toward the end of the bike segment and the first interval in the run (lights, sidewalks, etc.), so you can push the interval continuously from bike to run, just like on race day.

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One-Hour Workout: Interval Bricklayer


10 minutes easy spin
4 x (30 sec right leg only, 30 sec left leg only, 30 sec both)
4 x (30 sec build to 8/10 rate of perceived exertion, 30 sec EZ)

Main Set:

3 x (3 min @ 7/10 RPE, 1 min easy)
4 x (1 min @ 8/10 RPE, 1 min easy) *No 1-minute rest on fourth one, go right into

4 min @ 8/10 RPE, 2 min easy
4 min @ 7/10 RPE, 1 min easy
2 x (1 min @ 8/10 RPE, 1 min easy)


5 minutes easy run

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