We Tri’d It: A 550-Calorie Bar, An Electrolyte Drink, and Energy Chews

We put three new products to the test.

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Possible Bar

$50 for 10 bars

When it comes to high-calorie foods, you’ll be hard pushed to find an energy bar that packs a punch quite like the Possible Bar. With 550 calories per bar, it is a legitimate source of fuel for athletes looking to get a heavy hit of carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals (we could actually just conclude: all the things). It’s fair to say, then, that the Possible Bar is more than your average energy bar: it’s designed not just to provide calories in a convenient way, but it’s also targeted at those looking for recovery (20g of plant-based protein), as well as improving digestive health, immune support, and even brain support. It’s intended for use for activity and endurance adventures of two hours or more, and it’s actually so calorie dense that we found it hard to get through much more than a third of a bar at any one time. It has a slightly odd after-taste—perhaps not surprising given the lengthy list of ingredients in it—and it’s definitely not something you’re going to be able to get down your neck in the middle of an Ironman marathon. If you’re planning an epic hike, long ride, or adventure where you want mega calories in a super convenient form then this bar is definitely worth considering, but it’s not ideal for anything shorter.

SOS Hydrate

$20 for 20 sachets

There’s no shortage of electrolyte drinks on the sports nutrition scene nowadays and SOS Hydrate is definitely one of the better ones we’ve put to the test. It boasts fast absorption, rapid hydration, and low sugar content—all of which make it really easy to drink, whether you’re looking for electrolytes mid-workout or simply wanting to stay hydrated during the day. It was founded by brothers (and athletes) Tom and James Mayo after Tom, a sub-four-minute miler, suffered from severe dehydration during a race, and it claims to be as effective as an IV drip in rehydrating you. It’s available as convenient powder sticks, in 50-serving tubs, or as a ready-made bottled drink. We’ve tried both versions and definitely prefer the taste and convenience of the sachets, which are available in four flavors: berry, watermelon, citrus, and mango. For those not so good at staying on top of hydration, both during and post-workout, it provides a simple, hassle-free way to do exactly that.

Skratch Labs Energy Chews

$23.50 for 10 packs

Skratch Labs has cornered the market when it comes to energy products that taste good and deliver exactly what you need—and their energy chews are the perfect example. Regardless of whether you’re riding or running hard, they’re easy to open, eat, and chew on-the-fly and have a really subtle taste. With 140 calories per pack, they’re on the lighter side when it comes to calorie content. Each pack contains 10 chews that provide 36g of carbs and 160mg of sodium. They’re available in four flavors: raspberry, orange, matcha green tea and lemon, and sour cherry. The sour cherry option provides 50mg of caffeine per pack (with caffeine from green tea extract) to help give you a little boost—and these were certainly our favorite flavor and ideal for higher-intensity trainer workouts.

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