What We’re Loving This Week: Broth, Exercise Bands, and Off-Season

Here's what our editors and staff are using and loving right now—old, new, and random.

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As we all take a long weekend and celebrate the holiday by giving thanks and getting outside, this week our editors and staff are enjoying the time to recoup. We even got our colleagues at Women’s Running to share what they’re enjoying right now. Here’s what we’re using and loving in our regular lives this week.

Beyond Broth Turmeric Reishi Immune

Even though sipping on a warm broth feels like a winter treat, I really drink this Beyond Broth year-round. It’s a super nourishing recovery drink after a cold, snowy run, but I also love it to settle my stomach if I’m feeling under-the-weather or nauseous from a migraine. The Turmeric Reishi is my favorite flavor, made with sweet potato, carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, and, of course, turmeric and reishi mushrooms. It tastes like you’d expect a hearty vegetable broth to taste, except with a hint of turmeric and cumin to give it some spice.

– Malissa Rodenburg, associate editor at Women’s Running

Fit Simplify Resistance Look Exercise Bands

Resistance bands have become my favorite go-to at-home exercise tool. These from Fit Simplify on Amazon are by far the best ones I’ve tried. There are so many great exercises you can do with these bands (check out our Ask a Trainer column from last week for some ideas), and they’re much more affordable and portable than any set of weights. I just purchased my third set of these because they do stretch out and tear, but at only $11 it’s not a big deal to have to replace them a couple of times a year. If you use them right, you can target almost every area and become a stronger, more injury-proof athlete.

– Liz Hichens, senior digital editor

Taking An Off-Season

With such a weird year it might seem like you don’t need a break, a regular off-season. You probably didn’t really race, so what do you need a break from? Well, I’m here to tell you: You need a break from everything. Let me recommend taking an actual off-season—a full week or two (whatever you need) of nothing and then another week or two of whatever sounds enjoyable—which in my case was definitely not swimming and lots of gravel riding on my “gravel bike.” I’ve also eaten a lot and drank a lot and slept in late and not worried about fitting everything into my busy schedule. And now I feel ready to go again and a little bit less tired of the year. Try it.

– Kelly O’Mara, editor-in-chief

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