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Normatec focuses on portability with the release of their most recent wearable recovery technology.

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Normatec, along with their parent company Hyperice, continue to expand their library of devices designed to maximize performance through enhancing your recovery.  Their latest offering, Normatec Go, are dynamic air compression calf sleeves.  Designed to be the ultimate in portability, Normatec Go is a totally mobile dynamic air compression system.  The calf sleeves are without wires, hoses, or any additional pump/control units.  They can be controlled on the calf sleeves themselves (individually or synched together), or controlled by an App on your phone.



Quality construction

Excellent compression

Ease of use


Only calf sleeves







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Normatec has established themselves as the leader and the veteran in dynamic air compression therapy devices. Most recognized for their full-leg “boots,” Normatec has shown their ability to provide effective dynamic air compression for targeted improvement in blood flow.

Normatec Go offers the same quality construction, effective and powerful compression, but with maximum portability.  The calf sleeves are lightweight (claimed 1.2 pounds per unit), TSA approved for travel, are charged through included USB-C cords that share a common block, and easily programmed through the Hyperice App eliminating any fumbling with an external secondary program unit.

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Normatec Go Review: The Good

Portability: The Normatec Go system is easy to travel with. A breeze to toss in your duffel and bring to the office, pack in your luggage for travel, or better yet, include in your race gear for immediate recovery. They roll onto themselves for compact packing (you can “squeeze” these into a small bag – I couldn’t help the pun) and the charger is the equivalent of carrying 2 iPhone charging cords and 1 block. Because the units are self contained, there is no messing with a pump or hoses making recovery set up that much easier.

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Quality Construction: There is no skimping on materials with these calf sleeves. I was anticipating an “affordable” Normatec product (because frankly, the full leg Normatec units are considerably more expensive) that would cut expenses on fabrics or build. However, after multiple velcro on and off, and moving around in the sleeves while they were running, there was not a loose thread to be found.

Excellent Compression: Bottom line: these sleeves do the job. Normatec Go offers seven levels of compression, and if you can handle level 7 – then pass on the anesthesia for your next cavity because you are a stud! I found level 5 to be a good, firm massage. Yes, I took it to level 7 – it’s my duty as a gear reviewer – and I could feel the my pulse a little too much for comfort.

Ease of Use: Unlike other gadgets that take time to set up involving multiple steps that have you frustrated before your first use, Normatec Go took less than 5 minutes to set up the App, sync the sleeves to each other, and connect via Bluetooth to my phone for easy control. Although the battery life is only 3 hours (not that you would have them on that long), charging is easy and uses the included USB-C cords (if you do not have 15 of them by now laying around anyway).

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Normatec Go Review: The Ok

Calf Sleeve Only: Normatec claims that targeting your calf muscles can rejuvenate your entire lower body. Although the claim of improving blood flow through the calves has been shown to improve overall health in the entire lower legs, I feel it is a far reach that passive improvement in blood flow through the Normatec Go calf sleeves would do the same. Calf raises (rising up on your toes while standing) provide the compression required to move blood through your capillaries, not just the deep veins. However, it is not debatable that these sleeves do provide sufficient, powerful compression to manage edema and ease sore muscles.

Noise: This is a subjective matter, I am aware, but in my experience (and by that, I mean comments from my wife) I would not classify these a quiet. Although advertised as a recovery device that can be used while at your desk, or even on an airplane – I would caution your office neighbor or nearby passenger that they will hear these. The sound is not annoying, just a side effect of generating necessary force for dynamic air compression.

Cost: This is a quality and effective product. But do you need to spend $400 for a pair of calf sleeves when you likely already have a percussion massage gun, foam rollers, compression socks/pants/sleeves, and possibly even a pair of air compression full legs? Well, that is up to you, your wallet, and your partner’s permission.  This is a $200 per calf luxury item that allows you to be pampered in style while simultaneously feeling inadequate looking at your buddy’s Strava that shows massive mileage being logged at 4:30 in the morning.

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Normatec Go Review: Conclusions

The Normatec Go is effective, comfortable, easy to use, and well constructed. However, you will hear it – not just the device itself but possibly comments that you just spent $400 on calf only sleeves.  That being said, if you have not made the financial investment/leap into full leg dynamic air compression devices yet, the Normatec Go is definitely worth taking a look at.

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