Triathlon Gear: Tools Of T2

All the little things you need for the triathlon run leg.

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All the little things you need for the triathlon run leg.

Energy chews: Clif Shot Bloks and Gatorade G Series Pro Carb Energy Chews are easier to handle thanks to the slender sleeve packaging.

Hydration belt: We know they don’t look cool, but drinking from a bottle is much easier than choking fluid down from a plastic cup. Plus, having your drink of choice is invaluable.

Hat: Although visors offer more ventilation, a hat allows you to keep ice or a cool sponge against your head between aid stations.

Anti-chafe lubricant: Reapply from a big stick in T2 or take a small package on the run to lubricate as needed.

Sunscreen: Some races have volunteers waiting to reapply in T2, but if you’re doing a long-course race without that service, make sure to do it yourself.

Baby powder: If you’re not wearing socks, sprinkle some in your shoes to dry your feet quickly.

Quick laces: Elastic laces work fine, but we prefer the Speedlaces Zero Friction Fittings. Bolt these plastic loops onto your shoe eyelets, and pass your standard lace through them to convert any shoe into a quick-closure version that connects with the foot stronger than many elastic alternatives.

Race belt: If your event is too short to warrant a hydration belt, pin your number to a race belt. Or go low-budget and use a shoelace.

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