Get Outside and Do This 30-Minute Strength Session

The world’s greatest gym is outside. Membership: Free. Fresh air: Priceless.

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Mix things up and do a little bonding with Mother Nature by trying this strength workout in your backyard, on a trail, or at your local park. All you need is a 50-meter hill, a bench or log to jump on, a heavy object to lift (think rock or log), and a branch or ledge to pull up on. You’ll get fitter and more bombproof, your brain will get happier. Enjoy.

Warm-Up: 10 minutes of easy jogging

The Circuit (Repeat 3-5 Times):

Hill Sprint (50 Meters)
Focus on driving your knees and using your arms as you push up the hill.

Log Jumps (10-15 Jumps)
Find a log or bench 12-18 inches off the ground and jump up on it with both feet. Carefully step back down and repeat.

Tricep Dips (20)
With your back to the log or bench, place your palms flat, shoulder-width apart, with your knuckles facing forward. Extend your legs out in front of you, placing weight on your heels. Slowly lower your body down and back up.

Side Leaps (10/Side)
Stand next to your log or bench with your feet shoulder-width apart. Push off the ground and jump sideways over the log, with both feet together. Squat as you land and then spring back upwards to jump back.

Pull-Ups (10)
Find a branch or ledge that can support your body weight. Lower your body down and back up.

Squats (10)
Find a rock or log that weighs between 5-20 pounds. With your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward, hold it with both hands in front of your chest. Slowly squat down until your quads are parallel with the ground and return to the original position.

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