Rachel Joyce and Lauren Brandon on IM Boulder, Pregnancy, and Motivation

Rachel Joyce and Lauren Brandon chat live with viewers about everything from their favorite distances, to coaching, to food and more.

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Facebook Live with Rachel Joyce and Lauren Brandon

Join us for Facebook Live with Rachel Joyce and Lauren Bailey Brandon as we talk all things triathlon, including this weekend's Ironman Boulder!

Posted by Triathlete Magazine on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Rachel Joyce and Lauren Brandon, two of triathlon’s leading ladies, joined Triathlete.com for our Facebook Live AMA this week. With Ironman Boulder coming up this weekend – a race that Joyce won in 2017 and one Brandon is tipped to win on Sunday – both athletes fielded live questions from viewers about the course, racing at elevation, mental toughness, and plenty more. As both women are former swimmers, they gave advice on how to transition from swimming to triathlon, as well as tips for beginners and open-water swimming. During the show, we announced a Roka swim gear bag giveaway, which includes Roka SIM Pro shorts, Pro hand paddles, R1 goggles, and a Pro Vent mesh bag. The winner will be announced shortly.


1:49 – Brandon talks about her training block for Ironman Boulder.

3:06 – Tips for acclimating to training at elevation

4:10 – The benefits of training with a group

5:18 – Recovering from an Ironman never gets any easier

5:40 – Brandon’s training this week leading into the race

6:30 – Joyce talks about training while pregnant and the differences between training during her first pregnancy and her second one.

7:30 – Tactics and strategies for racing well on the Ironman Boulder bike course

10:07 – Do you ever wake up on race morning not wanting to race?

12:36 – What made you want to be a pro triathlete?

15:26 – Is it easier to come into triathlon as a former swimmer? Discussing the perils of learning to swim as an adult

17:11 – What’s your favorite race distance?

18:16 – You learn at least 10 new things during every Ironman race. Joyce cites Cam Wurf as a great example of someone who has learned the sport through racing frequently.

19:50 – “Ironman racing is a rollercoaster,” Joyce says. “You have to learn to ride out the rough times.” Cues both athletes use to help them do this.

21:15 – What qualities make a good coach?

25:20 – Joyce talks about the three things she thinks can make or break you at Ironman Boulder.

27:45 – Pizza, fries, beer, burgers – Brandon and Joyce discuss their go-to post-race favorites

30:10 – Tips for your first open-water swim

31:45 It’s the Roka giveaway! Roka kindly gave Triathlete.com a swim gear goodie bag that viewers of the show can win—including hand paddles, goggles, Roka Pro Sim shorts, swim cap, and a mesh bag.

32:31 – If I’m lacking motivation to train, what should I do? I hit one of my “happy place” sessions, Joyce says.

34:50 – As former swimmers, what have you done to build your cycling?

37:00 – When asked about the hardest training sessions they’ve ever undertaken, Joyce turns pale as she starts talking about the brick sessions that her former coach Dave Scott used to give her.

38:33 – What’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made in a race and how did you recover from it?

40:30 – Do you take time off after an early/mid-season Ironman?

42:04 – Joyce’s advice to Brandon ahead of this weekend’s Ironman Boulder

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