One-Hour Workout: Strength/Bike/Run Hour of Power

"Triathletes are now hitting the gym to not only reduce their injury risk, but to also improve their performance.”

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Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 mins (or less!)

This week’s workout comes from Coach Si Bennett, the creator of TRI-FIT, a group fitness model specifically designed for triathletes as well as a certified Ironman coach. After a decade of working in Australia, Coach Si is currently residing in Derby, U.K.

“Strength and conditioning has always been a taboo phrase in the arena of triathlon preparation,” says Bennett. “Some swear by it and some steer clear of it. Nonetheless, triathletes are now hitting the gym to not only reduce their injury risk, but to also improve their performance.”

Below is a total body strength and conditioning session that anyone can do in their training space or at a local gym. For this workout, you’ll need a spin bike/trainer setup, a treadmill (or outdoor running), a foam roller, a medicine ball and a gym mat.

The run will serve as a building warm-up for the main strength set. The med ball circuit is designed to improve strength endurance for swimming, activate your glutes and build lower body strength for more power in the saddle. It also serves to increase the core stability needed to be a more balanced and efficient runner. For the first round, use a ball no heavier than 10 pounds—increase on later sets if you’re comfortable with doing the movements properly. The bike will serve as a cool-down.

10 minutes of foam rolling, hitting all major muscle groups, emphasizing tight spots

10 minutes run on treadmill or outside: 5 minutes easy, then increase effort each minute until hitting 7/10 at end

Main Set (movement instructions/pictures below)
60 seconds of alternate lunge to twist, 30 seconds rest
60 seconds of close grip pushup, 30 seconds rest
60 seconds of Alekna’s, 30 seconds rest
60 seconds of high plank with alternate knee raise, 30 seconds rest
60 seconds of thrusters, 30 seconds rest

Repeat main set 3x through

3 minutes bike on trainer or spin bike at 5/10 effort
5 minutes bike on trainer or spin bike easy
5 minute stretch

Movement Guide

Alternate Lunge To Twist 
Start by standing in an upright position with the medicine ball held in front of your stomach. Begin by stepping forward into a lunge, and as you land in the lunge position, rotate your torso to the same side that you have lunged from. Drive through the heel of the front foot and back to the start position. Repeat on the other side.

Close Grip Pushup

Begin in a pushup position on your knees with your hands on the med ball. Lower your chest to the ball, keeping your elbows close to your body, and push through your arms and chest until you have locked out your elbows. Advance to your toes if you feel like a challenge.

Named after the Lithuanian discus champion, Virgilijus Alekna, this is a highly effective core stability exercise. Begin on your back with your knees flexed at 90 degrees and the medicine ball held in front of your chest. Lower the ball overhead and extend the legs so that your heels are just off the ground. Return to the start position.

High Plank with Alternate Knee Raise
Begin in a high plank position, resting your hands on the ball. Engage your core, and slowly raise your leg to the outside of the adjacent arm. Return to the start position, and change legs.

Start in an upright position with the med ball held in front of your shoulders. Begin by squatting down so that your hips finish below your knees. Ensure your knees are flared out so you can achieve a deep squat. From this position, drive through your heels explosively, and as your legs extend press the med ball overhead.

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