What We’re Loving This Week: Sleep Aids, Vitamix, and Pullovers

Here's what our editors and staff are using and loving right now—old, new, and random.

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Our staff spends a lot of time living the triathlon life—and a lot of time recovering during the off-season. That’s why we were especially excited when our colleagues at Yoga Journal announced a five-week sleep summit. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?

So this week we decided to ask the Yoga Journal crew to share some of their favorite things too. Here’s what our staff and their’s are using and loving in their regular lives right now.

Cliganic Organic Lavender Oil

I’m whatever the opposite of a night owl is—most nights I’m out cold by 9:30 p.m…only to wake up around 2 or 3 a.m. for at least an hour (thanks, pandemic insomnia). To help me resist the urge to doomscroll the news on my phone I switch on the essential oil diffuser on my nightstand—I add a few drops of Cliganic Organic Lavender Oil, since lavender is proven to boost the quality of your z’s—and meditate. Between that and petting my dog, who insists on sleeping under the duvet, at least I’m warm and relaxed, even if I don’t drop back off right away. I’m hoping to glean a few more sleep-better tips at Yoga Journal‘s five-week on-demand Restore Your Sleep summit this month, so I’m energized enough to get through my day without a third cup of coffee.

– Tracy Middleton, brand director, Yoga Journal


I have a now-retired version of the Vitamix (the 6300 version), but it’s an easy bet the newer ones are even more efficient and have even more bells and whistles. I’ve had this Vitamix for years (thus the reason it’s since been retired) and use it almost every day. I’ve tried nearly every smoothie in the Sport Smoothies book and they come out perfect every time. I am still amazed by its ability to so seamlessly work through frozen fruit, ice, kale, spinach, etc and create a perfect texture. This fall I’ve started using it to make soups. So far, this corn chowder recipe (I add diced tomatoes at the end) is my favorite. It’s easy to clean and store too, which I’m thankful for since I’m getting so much use out of it lately. 

– Liz Hichens, senior digital editor

Rapha Explore Long-Sleeve Pullover

I finally declared an official “off-season” break this week (from the on-season that never happened) and now I’m trying to recharge by first eating brownies and drinking wine. I think the next step will be getting moving again, but I’m not sure yet. This has made it slightly tough to recommend anything involving activity, but the one thing I am sure about is when I still go outside once-per-day it’s cold! I’ve already tested a bunch of amazing winter cycling gear — story coming soon — and there’s nothing quite like a cool brisk ride or run where you’re always the perfect temperature. You’ll have to wait for all our winter cycling gear recommendations, but the one item that’s made it into my everyday couch-to-walk rotation is this Rapha Explore Long-Sleeve Pullover. I have no idea what this shirt is actually supposed to be used for. I ran in it once and I’m sure you could wear it riding, though it’s a little light for deep winter biking. But it is completely perfect for walking, hanging out, hiking, and staying warm while looking awesome.

– Kelly O’Mara, editor-in-chief

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