Quick Look: Blucore’s Corsuit Swim Tool

This new Corsuit swim tool from BluCore targets core strength to help you become more streamlined in the water.

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This new Corsuit swim tool from Australia-based company BluCore targets core strength to help you become more streamlined in the water. It’s a one-size-fits-all plastic device that buckles around your waist and serves as a reminder to keep your spine properly aligned by encouraging a flat back against it as you swim.

Blucore suggests practicing using the Corsuit during a few drills: Do a streamlined glide off the wall, and work on decreasing the gap between your lower back and the Corsuit; use it during an underwater dolphin kick, when you should focus on kicking from your pelvis and avoiding arching your back or wear it during dryland pull-ups—the Corsuit will provide feedback so you don’t overarch your back, and then translate that posture back into the pool.

It’s easy to put on and is generally pretty comfortable once you get the hang of the corset-in-the-water feeling (note it does make flip-turns a little difficult). We used it during warm-up and drills to start our swim workout with good posture habits, and reintegrated it at the end of a 3000-yard set when form started to diminish. It’s not a must-have tool, but if posture and alignment are an issue for you, it’s a worthy investment to have that feedback in real time.

BluCore Corsuit ($55, Blucoreswim.com)

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