Recap: Twitter Chat With Lukas Verzbicas

Up-and-coming American triathlete Lukas Verzbicas joined us for a live Twitter chat on Wednesday, Feb. 27.


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Up-and-coming American triathlete Lukas Verzbicas joined us for a live Twitter chat on Wednesday, Feb. 27 to talk about his recovery from a bike accident, his nutrition and his plans for the future. Recap the complete chat, which was sponsored by Herbalife 24, below. Thanks to @kennypierce2 @creass17 @IronGCoop @jeff_moretti @malburd @JMikeGriff_17, whose questions were used in the chat. For their participation, they will each receive a tub of Herbalife 24 Prolong.

Q1: @LukasVerzbicas, what was it like to go from the top of your game to fighting to walk again after your crash? #lukas2016
A1: Not knowing what will happen next but never giving up just working hard to get better each day #Lukas2016

Q2: From @creass17 “Any lingering anxiety on the bike? Do you feel you can rock and roll on it when you need to?” #lukas2016
A2: Had some anxiety at 1st but by now it’s back to normal I’m just more aware and careful #lukas2016

Q3: From @kennypierce2 “What was the single hardest moment in coming back after the accident? What made you so determined?” #lukas2016
A3: Uncertainty was the hardest, I was determined to return for the people that believe/look up to me #lukas2016

Q4: From @IronGCoop “Lukas, have you started to prepare mentally for the spanking you will receive in Rio by Canadian @MattSharpeTri#lukas2016
A4: Well @MattSharpeTri is a quite intimidating fellow but I say bring it! #lukas2016

Q5: From @FCXCrunr “How many hours do you train a week?/If you’re having a bad workout do you cut it short?” #lukas2016
A5: Average out to 25. If workout’s bad I stop or cut it short, I believe in going by feel while training #lukas2016

Q6: From @jeff_moretti “In terms of running at the d1 level, what extra curriculars other than mileage should we focus on?” #lukas2016
A6: I recommend strength training for speed improvement, swimming/biking for injury prevention and aerobic base #lukas2016

Q7: How important has nutrition been in your training and recovery? #lukas2016
A7: Nutrition fuels the body, simply put whatever you put into your body you get out of it in terms of performance. #lukas2016

Q8: We know you’ve partnered with @Herbalife24 over the past couple of months, can you tell us what they’ve brought to the table? #lukas2016
A8: @Herbalife24 has backed me with superb nutrition that helped my body regenerate after fully breaking down, now fuels training #lukas2016

Q9: From @malburd “any pre race rituals?” #lukas2016
A9: Full concentration. Being so in the moment that I know nothing but the race ahead of me. #lukas2016
Addition to A9: Nutritionally taking in caffeine before a race specifically @Herbalife24 Prepare 2 scoops with 1 scoop of prolong #lukas2016

Q10: From @JMikeGriff_17 “what are hoping to accomplish in upcoming years? Medalist in 2016??” #lukas2016
A10: 2013 to make a full return and further gain experience, ’14-’15 build up, 2016 winning on the biggest stage #lukas2016

@Triathletemag: That concludes our chat. Thanks @Lukasverzbicas! Good luck at your race March 8th at the @ITUonline Pan American Cup Clermont. #lukas2016

@Lukasverzbicas: Thank you everyone for participating and for every single one of your continued support! #Lukas2016

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