Dispatch: The Nearly Newlywed Game With Tim O’Donnell And Mirinda Carfrae

Less than a month out from their wedding day, we have some fun with the superstar triathlon twosome of Tim O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae.

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It was the embrace seen around the world–Tim O’Donnell holding a jubilant Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae in his arms moments after she won the 2013 Ironman World Championship. This couple’s love for one another is clear for all to see, and will be celebrated with their wedding ceremony in December. Three weeks out from the big day, we decided to have some fun with the superstar triathlon twosome–and put them to the test playing The Nearly Newlywed Game. The premise was simple: we posed the same 10 questions to both Rinny and Tim, first asking each to provide their own answers (confidentially, of course), then asking how they thought their partner would respond. Here’s how they fared:

1. What favorite song gets you pumped up before a race?

Rinny: Depends on my mood. Could be anything from David Guetta to Pink and Usher or Foo Fighters and Metallica.
WWTS (What Would Tim Say)? Foo Fighters, all day everyday.

Tim: Foo Fighters–Hey Johnny Park.
WWRS (What Would Rinny Say)? Foo Fighters–Best of You.

2. On top of hot chocolate, would you choose whipped cream or mini marshmallows?

Rinny: I think I’d go for whipped cream.
WWTS? Whipped cream.

Tim: Whipped cream.
WWRS? Marshmallows.

3. What’s your least favorite household chore?

Rinny: All of them–there isn’t one that I particularly don’t like.
WWTS? Probably the same answer.

Tim: Cooking.
WWRS? Laundry. But maybe it’s actually cooking since the laundry does get done and we usually end up eating out!

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4. What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?

Rinny: Check my emails.
WWTS? Fire up the coffee machine and check his emails.

Tim: Go make coffee!
WWRS? Grabs her iPhone and catches up on social media and emails.

5. Of the two of you, who do you predict will cry first during your wedding ceremony?

Rinny: Definitely me.
WWTS? He’s cold as ice 😉 I have only seen him teary twice.

Tim: Hmmm. I’d like to say Rinny will, but I think once I see her coming down the aisle I’ll need about three boxes of Kleenex!
WWRS? I think Rinny will say she’ll cry first, because I honestly don’t shed tears very often.

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6. What gift did you give the other for your first Christmas as a couple?

Rinny: We were apart our first Christmas. I was in Australia and TO was in Colorado. I think I sent him some wine glasses.
WWTS? I can’t remember what he gave me–so no idea what he will say. I remember him sending a massive bunch of red roses for our first Valentine’s Day. Does that count? 

Tim: I gave Rinny an iPod filled with romantic tunes.
WWRS? Rinny gave me wine glasses. She knows me so well!

7. Do you ever snore?

Rinny: Nope I don’t, but I do make funny sounds when I am falling asleep–like a whimpering little puppy.
WWTS? Nope.

Tim: I don’t snore!
WWRS? Rinny doesn’t really snore but she does make some funny mumbling noises sometimes!

8. How long does it take you to get ready for a night out on the town?

Rinny: About 10 minutes longer than Tim–but only because I have to put on a little mascara and blow-dry my hair.
WWTS? 20 minutes.

Tim: If I am shaved, 15-20 minutes.
WWRS? Rinny is probably 30-45 minutes (if she blow dries her hair).

9. Of the two of you, who is a better driver?

Rinny: I think we are both pretty good. I am safer.
WWTS? Tim would say that he is better. 

Tim: I am totally the better driver–I have east coast training. The best defense is a good offense.
WWRS? She’s going to say she is the better driver. I have had a few tickets over the years…

10. How many hours would you wait in line for a cronut? [In case you’re in the dark about cronuts, they’re a croissant/donut hybrid invented by a baker in New York City. He makes a limited batch each morning and people camp out for hours in hopes of buying one.]

Rinny: I wouldn’t wait too long for one–maybe 15 minutes.
WWTS? Tim would wait longer than me. He loves donuts. But I don’t think he would wait all that long either–maybe 30 minutes.

Tim: Gluten aside, I’d wait a good hour just for the experience. But after that Dunkin’ Donuts would be just fine!
WWRS? I don’t think Rinny would wait at all. She doesn’t like croissants.

Perhaps there’s a bit of a debate in the Carfrae–O’Donnell household as to who really is the best driver. And maybe Tim’s passion for pastry is a tad more powerful than Rinny realizes. But slight discrepancies aside, it’s impossible not to score these two lovebirds a perfect pair. (And a note to the wedding planner: double up the Kleenex delivery!)

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