This Endurance-Focused Strength Routine Takes Only 30 Minutes

This strength session is focused on endurance, with lower intensity exercises and short rest.

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This strength routine from San Diego’s Rehab United co-owner Bryan Hill is focused on endurance, with lower intensity exercises and short rest. Most exercises have the option of being multi-directional to work in all planes of motion, since we triathletes are only accustomed to moving in one direction: forward!

Do three rounds of the following six exercises. Do each exercise continuously for one minute followed by 30 seconds of rest. Rest for two minutes between sets.

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Lunge to Clean and Press

Start with feet together, holding a dumbbell in each hand (novices should aim for 5–10 pounds, advanced 15–25 pounds). Lunge forward with arms on either side of your front leg, keeping your back leg relatively straight. Return to start with feet together and bring dumbbells up into a curl and then right into a shoulder press. Switch the leading foot until the minute is done.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and one foot slightly forward. Holding a medicine ball or dumbbell, squat down as you bring the medicine ball to one hip, twisting the torso, and then up to your opposite shoulder. Your belly button should move 45 degrees. Err on the heavier side to make it a full-body movement (Hill notes you can lift more in this position than you think). Novices aim for 10–15 pounds, advanced 20–40 pounds. Switch every 5 reps.


Find a sturdy box (12 inches for athletes shorter than 5-foot-5, and 18 inches for athletes taller). Step one foot up as you bring the other knee up to 90 degrees. Raise the opposite arm up as you would if you were running, keeping the elbow at 90 degrees. Step back down and alternate legs. To make it harder, add dumbbells.

Supine Knee Drive

Start on your back with legs out straight, slightly off the ground. Bring knees into your chest. Optional: Change the abs exercise to suit your ability level or if you struggle with a bad back.

Elbow-Hand Walk-Ups

Start in a push-up position and lower one arm to your elbow, then the other, to put yourself in a plank position. Immediately bring one hand up and then the other to go back to the push-up position. You will alternate this motion for the full minute.

Three-Way Jumps

Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent and arms behind you. Jump forward, focusing on a soft landing into a squat, then jump backward to return to start.

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