10 Nutritious Recipes For Fall

Feeling inspired by the cooler weather to get more creative in the kitchen?

Photo: John David Becker

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These 10 nutritious recipes from chef Jessica Cerra fit the bill for fall cooking thanks to in-season ingredients and all of the flavors you associate with this time of year.

1. Roasted Fall Veggie Salad

Thing beyond a traditional salad with this veggie-packed option. A zesty lemon vinaigrette and tart pomegranate seeds combine to create a bright contrast to the earthy roasted veggies. The preparation process on this one is a bit lengthy, but it’s well worth it for the large batch this recipe makes.

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2. Quick Fall Veggie, Brown Rice & Chicken Dinner

Colorful, seasonal, satisfying, and easy! What more could you ask for in a recipe to keep your fall cooking on track? This recipe can also be customized with the ingredients readily available in your fridge or pantry (for example, if you don’t have brown rice, substitute with quinoa; have fennel to use up, add it in). Plus it makes a big batch, so you are sure to have leftovers.

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3. Herbed Cornmeal, Cranberry, Date Muffins

Fall apple shreds keep these earthy, herbed muffins moist, while cranberries and dates lend a pop of sweetness and texture. Wrap in foil and pack as ride food, toast in a pan and serve with over easy egg on top, or crumble into a pan with browned turkey sausage for a cornbread stuffing side.

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4. Baked Apples With Quinoa And Pecans

Baked apples are like mini apple crisps, ready to go for breakfast or dessert. Try this spin using quinoa, instead of oats, to add a little protein to the dish. Nutmeg, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice add all your favorite warm and cozy fall flavors and are also good for reducing inflammation.

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5. Shaved Brussels Slaw With Lemon-Tarragon Dressing

As the holidays approach, it’s nice to have some light and fresh recipe options to balance out the heaviness of holiday fare. Shaved Brussels are a great year-round option that can be a great side dish for a weeknight meal or are perfect served over a bowl of quinoa for a quick lunch.

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6. Cranberry Braised Pork Loin

Colorful, bittersweet and full of health benefits, cranberries are a smart addition to your seasonal menu. Studies have shown they can help support the immune and cardiovascular systems, and the phytonutrients provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Opt for fresh cranberries, not ones processed with excess sugar. Try serving this one-pot recipe over creamy polenta or make sliders topped with the extra cranberry sauce.

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7. Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Pumpkin is a great addition to any athlete’s menu—it’s loaded with fiber, vitamins A and C, and immunity-boosting antioxidants. It also boasts a high potassium content, which helps to replenish lost electrolytes after hard training. This recipe using Marcona almonds is reminiscent of Romesco, a popular Spanish nut- and red pepper-based sauce, but with a pleasant pumpkin twist.

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8. Root Vegetable And Farro Stew

There’s something special about a satisfying meal made in a solitary pot — all the ingredients marrying together, bursting with rich, deep flavors. Plus, what’s not to love about the practicality and ease of cleanup when creating dinner using just one pot? All of the season’s root veggies get cozy with the toasty-tasting farro in this simple stew recipe.

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9. Acorn Squash Stuffed With Kale, Apples & Wild Rice

The produce section of any grocery store is boasting with squash right now. Here’s a creative and flavorful way to use acorn squash, a vegetable loaded with carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Not only is squash nutrient dense, but it’s also inexpensive, so take advantage of this ingredient while it lasts.

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10. Veggie And Herb Frittata

Whip up this veggie-packed frittata for a holiday brunch, or make it ahead of time for a quick post-training meal. Use up the veggies you already have in the fridge, in place of or in addition to the ones in the recipe, for your own creation.

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