What We’re Loving This Week: Blankets, Food Boxes, Massage Balls, and Normatec Boots

Our favorite triathlon-related things—old, new, and random—right now.

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Every week, some of our staff and contributors share the triathlon (and triathlon-related) things they’re using and loving in their real lives. This week, the things are getting a little more random than usual—but whatever gets you swim-bike-running, adventuring, and recovering!

Trek Light Gear Durango Adventure Blanket

With my work going remote and businesses I frequent being closed, I have been spending any free time I have chasing outdoor adventures. Whether I am packing my bike, loading my backpack for a hike or simply going to the park for a dinner picnic, this blanket, which is sold by a Boulder-based small business, is my absolute favorite, almost daily-used, treasure. I’ve never received more compliments on anything and to be honest I am shocked that with the amount of use it is still in perfect condition.

– Hannah DeWitt, photo editor

[ed note: that’s Hannah’s photo up top]

Green Chef

I have been getting boxes of fresh ingredients for healthy meals delivered weekly for over two years. Having this Green Chef service continue during the pandemic was super helpful. It meant less trips to the grocery store and allowed me to support the stay-at-home orders. Most importantly, the ever-changing meals helped me stay creative and inspired during a period where it was easy to just mope around and eat cereal 5 times a day. Whether my day has been productive with lots of human interaction or I never venture out of my pajamas, the meals are helping me motivate to complete at least one task every evening.

– Sara McLarty, contributor

Normatec Leg Recovery System 2.0

My “N+N Time”—Netflix and Normatecs—is something I look forward to with serious excitement (hello tri nerd) after long rides or runs, and this week it’s definitely helped reboot me (pun intended) after a pretty tasty legs session in the gym coupled with some longer runs. I use the Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System, which is way quieter and more lightweight than its predecessor, and also a lot easier to travel with should you wish to take it on training camps or races (when they resume). I realize there’s a ton of science that goes into making Normatec products as successful as they are—improved blood flow, reduced soreness, etc.—but one of the things I love is the fact they force me to sit my butt down and not move for a solid hour, or however long I set them. For someone who’s always on the go, this is saying something.

– Emma-Kate Lidbury, managing editor

TriggerPoint MB Vibe

As someone who is admittedly lazy about good recovery, but also gets super angry when I can’t run because something’s bothering me, it’s super important that a recovery tool is easy for me to use in my everyday schedule. In this work from home situation, I’ve been all over this MB Vibe vibrating ball massager because I can use it literally for an hour on my feet while I work, and then later use it on my hamstrings and calves on the ground without putting out hardly any effort at all! The one caveat is if you have hardwood floors, be sure to use a super thick towel unless you want to annoy your whole family.

– Chris Foster, senior editor

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