What Our Editors Used and Loved in May

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Every month our editors and staff spend hours and hours swimming and biking and running. Yes, we test the newest gear, but we also all have our old favorites—what works (and what doesn’t work). Each month, our staff shares their favorite things getting them through the tri-life right now and members can enter to win one of editors’ picks.

This month, members can enter to win a pair of Asics Metaracers running shoes. Enter by June 15 and check back next month for new picks.

Topo Cyclone

When you find a pair of run shoes that make you feel speedy, light, nimble, and fast—well, you just want to keep wearing them. I’m in the midst of some big run weeks at the moment as I prepare for Leadville 100 and the Topo Cyclones have been my go-to shoe. I loved them from the moment I put them on as they have the responsiveness and road feel of a racing flat, yet with the support and security of a more cushioned shoe. I’m a huge fan of the roomy toebox and find this really helps achieve good toe-off and, in turn, helps with cadence and holding form. I have many, many more training miles ahead of me between now and Leadville, so there will definitely be plenty more opportunities for other contenders, but so far I’d say the Topo Cyclones are sitting high on my “favorite shoes I’ve run in so far this year” list.

– Emma-Kate Lidbury, managing editor

Osprey Packs Dyna Handheld Women’s Running Flask

What I’m loving this month is something that might be very specific to only me, but maybe there’s someone else out there with the very specific same problem. Living in Phoenix, I generally mostly run on the treadmill during the summer months. Getting up at 4 a.m. to run and be greeted with 85-degree temperatures is not my idea of a good time. Last summer, I didn’t have access to a treadmill so I stopped running and instead stuck to HIIT workouts and my Peloton. This summer I’m determined to adapt as it gets warmer, keep the mileage up, and go into the fall a stronger runner. My trusty hydration vest is great for longer runs but is a bit overkill for a 3- to 4-mile jaunt around the neighborhood. Handheld water bottles never work well for me because my hands are too small and I can never get a proper grip. All of that to tell you that I finally found a solution. This handheld running flask from Osprey is compact, made specifically for women, and exactly what I was missing. The flask is fairly small at 250ml (about 8.5 ounces), but that’s the point. It’s just enough to make sure I get through a quick run without getting too dehydrated. It’s so compact and comfortable that I forget I have it, and the zippered pocket is perfect for holding small items like a key or chapstick. The $30 price tag is a lot for what it is, but so far it’s held up well and will hopefully serve me for several summers to come.

– Liz Hichens, senior digital editor

Asics Metaracer

Even though I’ll admit that I haven’t been doing much racing lately (actually none so far this year), that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt the need for speed. Actually, it’s more like my speed has some needs. Over the winter I focused much more on long, loping runs over the gnarliest trails I could find. I wanted to get away and choose the path less traveled. But now, as spring blooms its way quickly into summer, I’ve been jealously watching as triathletes and runners head out onto the track for speed sessions and tempo runs. It was this high-turnover FOMO that forced me to dig deep into my closet to find the pair of Metaracers that I had worn a few times but had relegated to “oh today’s not fast enough for those” status. Now that that day has finally dawned, I’ve been wearing these on the track and on the roads—anywhere where ample traction isn’t a prerequisite. They’re springy, but not so springy that they make my legs feel like they’re getting away from me, and they certainly help keep a cadence once I’m locked into that quick pace. While they aren’t necessarily making me faster (only I can do that), they’re increasing my joy for the work that needs to be put in. And that’s all I can ask for right now.

– Chris Foster, executive editor

Athletic Brewing Wit’s Peak Non-Alcoholic Witbier

My team is going to make fun of me for this—you probably will too—but stay with me for a second. I drink a lot of beer, probably too much, definitely too much for also trying to train seriously. My husband, though, had to stop drinking because of some medical issues at the end of 2019. All of a sudden, there were lots of different kinds of non-alcoholic options in our house. And it turns out: there are lots of different kinds of non-alcoholic options out there these days.  O’Douls is a thing of the past. (Not actually, you can still buy it, but why would you with the market booming.) I was skeptical, too, at first, trust me. And for most of the last 18 months I might sip on his, maybe try a Coors Edge or Wellbeing Brewing wheat when we were out of “regular” beer, but that was it. Then in his latest order, my husband also added a six-pack of this witbier from Athletic Brewing. For me, it’s the perfect taste. It’s also perfect for post-workout and perfect for peak Ironman training. I can literally tell the difference in my resting heart rate and recovery after kicking back after a big training weekend with one of these instead of one of my much-beloved alcoholic beers. Before you laugh too much, try one.

– Kelly O’Mara, editor-in-chief

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