Unboxed: Theragun Mini Percussive Massager

Therabody's new Theragun Mini is smaller, cheaper, and lighter than most other percussive massagers we've seen. We take a look at the sleek new toy.

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Today, people are finding new and unique ways of injuring themselves—be it via extreme(ly unnecessary) indoor endurance feats, new in-home strength training routines without the watchful eye of a trainer, or simply sitting in your garbage dining room chair for hours without the comfort of your fancy employer-provided office chair. While we all continue to find unusual ways to train in a time when we’re in unusual circumstances, we’re also developing soreness in unusual places. While a massage might not be the best idea right now, there are a slew of tools that let you do it yourself—just like so much else. Enter Therabody—the new name for the Theragun brand that has previously made percussive massage devices. Their latest brand makeover also sees the introduction of a new small, lightweight, and less-expensive device, the Theragun Mini.

Check out our video above for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

Therabody Theragun Mini: $200; Theragun.com

What I Like About The Theragun Mini

  1. The price. The mini version is quite a bit cheaper than their old products and still less than their new ones.
  2. The size. While most people will use these devices at home, this model could actually travel well.
  3. The design is much more sleek, simple, and stealthy—it doesn’t look like you’re about to rob George Jetson when you pull it out of your bag.

What Makes Me Worried About The Theragun Mini

  1. The whole point of a percussive massager is that you can really get deep into big muscle groups. Will this little handheld have enough power and let you generate enough pressure? What about odd angles?
  2. The biggest complaints against the old Theraguns were certainly the noise it created. If the Mini is measurably quieter, then it’s a win; if it’s not, it’s just a smaller thing that makes lots of sound.

Final Thoughts

  1. I love simple things. The Theragun Mini appears to be something I would use 10 times more than one of the full-sized handheld massagers, and that’s the point right? I wouldn’t wait until my soreness is really bad before finally breaking out the giant, noisy gun from the future.
  2. The price is definitely heading in the right direction. As there are a ton of knock-offs around on the internet, this unique design could help differentiate and mitigate some of Therabody’s loss to its cheaper competitors—especially if they’re within spitting distance on price.

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