A Look At The Swim-Specific Tracker From XMetrics

This swim-specific tracker can tell you what you’re doing wrong, in real time.

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This swim-specific tracker can tell you what you’re doing wrong, in real time.

Fitness trackers have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and a new brand called XMetrics has entered the market with a swim-specific tracker that provides detailed, real-time audio feedback.

The unit is smaller than the palm of your hand and discretely clips to the strap of your goggles and sits flush against the back of your head. Waterproof earbuds allow you to hear real-time feedback such as lap splits and strokes per lap. The accuracy of the sensors in the unit is remarkable and you can analyze a wealth of data after loading a workout to XMetrics’ tracking site. You can view the number of kicks you did coming off a wall or how your speed slows every time you turn your head to take a breath.

This powerful device holds potentially huge value for swimmers looking to improve their efficiency in the water. There are two models—the Pro ($300) and the Fit ($200). The Pro is more customizable, offering the ability to program specific workouts and sync the audio feedback. The units aren’t Bluetooth compatible, so you have to plug them in to your computer to load your workouts. They also work off sensors, not GPS, so they can’t provide distance in open water. XMetrics is working on a GPS model, which is tentatively scheduled to launch in the summer of 2016 that will likely be Bluetooth compatible as well.

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XMetrics Fitness Tracker

Pro: $300
Fit: $200

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