Unboxed: Roll R3 Foot Roller

The new-to-us foot Roll Recovery R3 foot roller is the Swiss Army preventative therapy tool triathletes should be reaching for.

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While the Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller isn’t a brand new product, it just happened to come across our desks for the first time, and it has some unique features that quarantriathletes (or ones who are now just “opening back up”) could use. This asymmetrical roller not only works the arch, but also the medial and lateral plantar—providing relief and preventative therapy for triathletes who might be running more than they’re used to.  The most triathlete-y thing about this tool is that you can also use it on forearms, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves (also hips if you’re brave). Consider this a worthwhile tool for nursing those lingering quarantinjuries as you head back outside and resume your regularly scheduled training.

Check out our video above for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller: $30; rollrecovery.com

What I Like About The Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller

  1. It’s small, and it doesn’t weigh a ton.
  2. It’s asymmetrical, so you can work different parts of the foot without doing a lot of gymnastics.
  3. The grippiness looks good for using it on hardwood floors.

What Makes Me Worried About The Roll Recovery R3 Foot Roller

  1. Lots of other rollers have different/more aggressive textures, so someone who likes a “rough” roll might not love the relative smoothness of the R3.

Final Thoughts

  1. This seems like a great tool for swim, bike, and run, but mostly the run—triathletes should be using this any time they’re not working out.
  2. Since plantar fasciitis is one of those issues that can be avoided with a little bit of preventative therapy, the fact that the R3 is so portable and versatile means that triathletes will be more likely to reach for it more often. This is a good thing.

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