Why Triathletes Should Consider Adding a Road Bike

If you’re working with a tri bike as your one and only ride, here are six reasons you might want to branch out.

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If you’re working with a tri bike as your one and only ride, here are six reasons you might want to branch out.

General versatility

For many years, I only had a tri bike, which I would take with me everywhere—even to the mountains. It wasn’t until I got a road bike that I discovered what I was missing! A road bike is immensely more practical for anything where you’re riding casually or technically, whether it be city riding, touring, in the mountains or using it strictly as transportation.

Dedicated trainer set-up

If you’re riding frequently and mixing it up between indoor and outdoor riding, it can be a pain and time suck to constantly be setting up or taking down.

Give your body a break

Certainly it’s important to log a lot of practice on your race bike and in your race position when you’re close to competition. However, you can potentially ride more comfortably by giving your body a break through mixing up your steed.

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Back-up bike

Whether your main rig is in the shop for routine maintenance or in transit for a race, it’s frustrating when you don’t have a bike to ride! Don’t miss out on ride time because your bike is out of commission.

Ride with the pack

If you want to partake in group riding with roadies, it’s safer, more fun (and less frowned upon) to have a road bike.

Ease of travel

If you’ve ever tried to break down your tri bike for travel, especially if it’s a “superbike,” you know the fewer things you have to remove or break down the better. When you have the option—such as when you’re heading to a cycling training camp or a ride-specific vacation—a road bike is much easier to assemble on the other end of your flight.

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