A Close Look at Hunt’s 60 Limitless Aero Disc Wheelset

If you haven’t heard of Hunt yet, now’s the time to learn about the budget-focused, but slippery-fast wheel brand. We look at the SUPER fat Hunt Limitless 60 wheelset.

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Hunt has been making a splash on the high-end wheel market for the last few years, and for good reason. Hunt sells high-end carbon and alloy wheels consumer direct, and their wheels are packed with features at a very reasonable price—we were huge fans of their carbon-spoked Hunt 54 UD. At first glance, the Limitless line up is similar in wheel depth and weight to the rest of Hunt’s offerings, but the Hunt Limitless 60 stands out amongst the others with its very wide outer width—which will likely become the new norm in speed-minded wheelsets.

Pros Cons
-Fast -A touch on the heavy side
-Stable in all conditions -Stable in all conditions
-Setup easily with tubeless tires -Hooked tire bead seems out of place on a wheel of this style
-Great value
-Good availability
Price Weight
$1,689 1669g
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Hunt 60 Limitless: The Basics

The 60 Limitless is a wheel built to go fast and handle exceptionally well. As the name implies, the wheel is a 60mm deep which is fairly deep and probably best suited for a road racing bike or tri bike, although we did test these wheels out on some wet dirt roads and loved every second of it. The most notable feature of these wheels is just how wide the rims are—they measure 34mm wide externally, and these have to be the widest road-use wheels we’ve ever ridden. The reasoning for this wide rim is fairly simple: It’s been long understood that for the best aerodynamics the rim should be a little bit wider than the tire. As tires have gotten wider, so have rims, and now that running a 28mm tire is more or less the norm, a rim that is 34mm wide makes perfect sense. Today’s disc brake-equipped road and triathlon bikes finally have clearance for wheels this wide, so the table was set for an über-wide wheel like this. The wheels are built with aero-shaped spokes and Hunt’s own hubs, and are offered with either steel bearings for $1,689 or CeramicSpeed bearings for $2,119 (which is still a steal). At 1,669 grams these wheels are a little bit on the heavy side, but all of that rim width has to come from some extra material, we suppose.

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Hunt 60 Limitless: The Good

It’s rare that a wheelset really makes a marked impression these days. On paper and in reality, a lot of today’s wheels are far more similar than they are different—that is until someone develops a wheel like this. We paired these wheels up with a set of Schwalbe Pro One 28mm tires, set them up tubeless (without any difficulty), and hit the roads. We were immediately impressed with the ride quality, as they really tamed the imperfections in the road nicely and cornered well. Most importantly though, these wheels really wanted to go fast. It’s impossible without a wind tunnel or a proper test to say for certain that the wheels are faster than the high-end carbon wheels they replaced on our test rig, but they certainly felt a whole lot quicker. We also took these wheels out on a windy, rainy morning and hit some dirt trails and steep loose climbs, and while we had to be careful under these conditions, the wheels didn’t skip a beat. We were also impressed about how well the wheels did under windy conditions, even in moderate wind gusts; the wheels weren’t difficult to control at all.

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Hunt Limitless 60: The Not-So-Good

It’s really hard to criticize these wheels in any way but there is a little bit of room for improvement:


The 60 Limitless wheelset is a touch on the heavy side. Compared to an Enve 5.6 or DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut, the 60 Limitless comes in about 100-120 grams heavier. One could argue that these wheels cost a good amount more than 60 Limitless, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but their pricing is not based on a consumer direct business model, so it seems fair to compare the 60 Limitless wheelset to others in a higher price category.


We are all accustomed to hearing some amount of noise out of a wheel when coasting but the hubs on these wheels seem to bring that to a whole new level. On the rare occasion when we weren’t trying to go as fast as possible on these wheels, and we were chatting with pals, it was actually hard to hear over the freehub body ratchet mechanism while coasting.

60 Limitless tire diagram
Photo: Courtesy Enve

Tire Bead

This is a relatively minor issue in the grand scheme of things—and many certainly won’t take issue with this—but there seems to be a movement happening towards hookless side walls from other brands, and this is not a feature of the 60 Limitless wheelset (yet). “Hooks” are basically ridges at the edge of the rim that are intended to help hold the tire on. Hookless technology has trickled over from mountain bikes, which rely on a more precise fit between tire and rim in order to keep the tire on the rim. Hookless rims can be a bit harder to mount and remove tires from because of the tighter fit, but they also allow for a more aerodynamic transition from tire to wheel. On a wheel that is already so wide and focused on aerodynamics and the latest technology, it seems odd that they do not have a hookless sidewall.

Bike Compatibility

We had no problem at all mounting these wheels up on our test bike, but given their wide profile, there are probably some bikes out there that these wheels simply won’t fit on. If you have a road or tri bike that’s only rated for 25 or 28mm tires, you should probably measure the clearance in your fork, seatstays and chainstays to make sure these 34mm wide rims will actually fit.

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Hunt Limitless 60: Conclusion

Small critiques aside, the 60 Limitless is one of the most exciting wheelsets we’ve tested. In a market where many offerings are so similar, the 60 Limitless wheelset stands out—and for the better. There is little doubt that these wheels actually are faster than their competitors, they handle great and smooth out lots of road buzz. Given their relatively reasonable price, we would be surprised if Hunt can keep these wheels in stock.