A $5 Bike Fit With The Bike Fast Fit App

Can’t afford a pro bike fit? This app can get you started.

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Can’t afford a pro bike fit? This app can get you started.

The fastest bike in the world won’t do you much good if you can’t ride it comfortably. Most triathletes understand this concept and want a proper bike fit, but a professional fit session can cost hundreds of dollars and take several hours to complete. So what’s a time- and cash-strapped triathlete to do? Download the Bike Fast Fit app and give yourself a dynamic fit using the app’s video analysis tools to help achieve a powerful yet comfortable position aboard your race rig.

Set-up only takes a few minutes. You’ll need a trainer, a level surface and a well-lit room. It helps to have someone record you riding, but it’s possible to record yourself using the app’s self-timer. Once you capture some video (just 30 seconds) you can analyze your angles. The app will automatically identify biomarkers on your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist, but you can adjust those markers if they happen to be off, so make sure to check that the dots are in the correct spots.

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As you scroll through your data, the app will display ideal angle ranges and give recommendations for any adjustments. Knee angle is an important measurement because it relates directly to the height of your saddle and is easy to adjust. Hip angle is also key to an efficient position and corresponds with the height of your saddle and aerobars (aka “stack”). If you’re blessed with a flexible physique or are focused on short-course racing, you may want a low, aggressive position. If you’re looking to be as comfortable as possible, opening up this angle by adding spacers between your basebar and aerobar arm rests will be the way to go. Since each triathlete has different fit preferences, the app gives a range of fit angles. The rest is up to you to determine your ideal position.

The app isn’t a replacement for a professional fit, as a fitter will take many variables into consideration, but this app is a great place to start if you don’t have access to a pro fit.

Bike Fast Fit app $4.99 on iTunes

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