Skip The Tie! The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Triathletes

Our six picks for the multisport man who has it all.

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Presenting our picks for the best Father’s Day gifts for triathletes.

Zoot Tri Suit, Aloha 2019 Limited Edition


Father's Day gifts for triathletes

This is the suit for anyone who loves Hawaii, Aquaman(?), and going fast. Though the fish-scale look is only a happy coincidence for anyone who’s into the Marvel Comic Universe, this limited-edition, get-it-while-you-can one-piece tri suit has all of the modern upgrades for the dad who’s been in the same suit since Macca was grinning his way down Ali’i Drive. The shoulder-covering textured sleeves provide an aero advantage along with sun protection, a veritable cache of pockets give enough storage to last even the longest iron-adventures, and Zoot’s quality padding keeps everything happy down under.

Silca T-Ratchet Ti Torque Kit


Father's Day gifts for triathletes

Nothing says “dad” like tools, and the only things most dads like more than tools are really shiny ones that barely weigh anything. Unfortunately, nothing also says “dad” like screaming “OH @#%$!, I @#!^%# BROKE IT!” at the top of his lungs after snapping a costly carbon bit. The Silca T-Ratchet Ti Torque set is a mini toolkit that says the former without any of the latter. Boasting a ten-head bit set with a magnetic extender and an adjustable torque beam that goes from 2-8Nm, this is an heirloom-level gift that—much like a fiery temper and an inability to properly hand-tighten bolts—can be passed down to the next generation.

Brave Soldier Athlete Starter Pack


Father's Day gifts for triathletes

You don’t have to be a new athlete to appreciate this starter pack from Brave Soldier, you just have to care about the offensiveness rating of your personal musk. This four-piece pack of bodycare items includes body soap and shaving cream (so you don’t look and smell like a caveman) as well as healing ointment and aftershave (so nothing falls off your body or face after a misadventure while training or shaving). Best-case scenario: Dad won’t smell like he doused himself in something from Anchorman.

Restube Classic


This is one of those hopefully-you-never-need-it-but-glad-you-have-it types of gifts that’s almost as much of a present for dad as it is for dad’s family. The Restube is a small soft “pocket” in the shape of a race belt with a small pull tab that, when activated, self-inflates a small buoy to help in a lifesaving situation. It’s tiny, innocuous, and will give everyone at least a small piece of mind when out swimming in the open water. Contrary to what the name implies, it’s not just used for resting, nor would it be fun for a float down a lazy river with a beverage in hand.

Superfeet Aftersport Sandals


Constructed with super plush “orthotic foam,” these recovery sandals are like a vacation for dad’s feet. With a super high and soft shape, these probably-not-for-outside-the-house styled sandals scream both “dad” and “dad look” at the same time. While you won’t win any fashion shows with the Aftersport Sandals, you’ll certainly win the comfort show for your barking dogs. Think: foot mattress.

The Magic5 Swim Goggles

$60 and up,

Yes, with these goggles you will look like you’re from the future, but a successful gift for dad is all about comfort and not fashion (see above sandals). The Magic5 swim goggles are an entirely custom setup that uses a scan of your face from a mobile app to create a pair of goggles that fits perfectly. The best part? It doesn’t take years to get a pair—they’re produced in North Carolina and shipped in about two weeks. Get dad a gift card, help him with the app (just help your father, please!), and do your best not to mock him while he scans his face. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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