2023 PTO Asian Open Pro Bike Photos: Lucy Charles-Barclay’s CUBE Aerium C:68X

Though we haven’t seen a lot of the British super-swimmer this year, it doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to make a big splash in August, September, and October. Focusing on the latter part of the season after struggling in 2022 with injury, Charles-Barclay hasn’t raced since May but won’t be much of a surprise at the front of the bike for most of the day. Expect to see her newly available-to-the-public Cube Aerium C:68X getting plenty of TV time after a great swim and ride in Singapore.

Photographed at the European Open in Ibiza, Charles-Barclay will be using this same setup to race against an extremely stacked field in Singapore at the PTO Asian Open this weekend, with the addition of the CUBE front hydration system (not pictured).