An Astrologist Picks Your Perfect Race

Even if you don't know your Zodiac from your Cervelo, you'll love this horoscope-inspired race selection guide.

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Are you a bold and ambitious Aries, who dives headfirst into a challenge? Perhaps you’re a powerful and passionate Leo with incredible self-confidence.

Each zodiac sign references personality traits that provide insight into our strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and behaviors. But have you ever considered that your astrological sign might hold insight into the way you race or the type of event you’re best suited for?

“For example, understanding what it means to have Aries energy, and whether it’s being expressed in a high or low manner, can help you learn how to make decisions, try to be more action oriented, or spend a bit more time analyzing,” says Evolutionary Astrologist, Danielle Krey. “You can use that information to alter your course of action with how you train and how you race.”

The 4 types of astrological signs

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are highly perceptive and deeply in tune with their feelings. They’re sensitive and have the ability to tap into the emotions of others. Athletes in this group are the most likely to lend you a tire pump in transition or an extra pair of goggles.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are competitive and dynamic. Athletes in this group are exciting to watch! Physically strong and energetic, they often serve as a source of inspiration for others. However, they can be quick to anger (ie. won’t react well to a penalty).

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are grounded and realistic. Athletes in this group are consistent and understand the importance of working towards goals over time.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are intellectual and friendly. They’re great learners and enjoy giving advice, so if you’re looking for tips on how to execute a fast transition, these are your people.

Your triathlon horoscope, by sign

Astrology horoscope sign triathlon
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January 20- February 18
Intellectual and progressive. Independent and enigmatic. A bit rebellious.
Fellow Aquarius: Anne Haug and Kristian Blummenfelt

An innovator and visionary, Aquarius is the athlete who’s most likely to ride a prototype bike or wear a new race shoe. “Aquarius is an air sign, so it’s very intellectual,” Krey says. “They have true passion that they want to share with others. But this air element has a fixed quality, meaning they don’t like change. Also, they can be a lone wolf or rebel, just for the sake of rebelling.”

Radical in approach and often unpredictable, these traits make Aquarius athletes exciting to watch. But, they have a tendency to be stubborn. If they’ve already committed to a course of action, they might have a hard time making adjustments.

“For this type of athlete, I would have them walk through the types of scenarios that might happen in a race, and will likely be out of their control, like getting a flat tire,” says USAT coach, Lindsey Welter.

Always up for trying something new, an Aquarius might enjoy a nontraditional run/bike/swim triathlon, or a gravel triathlon, like the first US-based SGRAIL triathlon in Big Bear, California.

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February 19- March 2
Intelligent and empathetic. Has excellent intuition and strong gut feelings. Knows that success and failure are temporary and can let go and change course midstream.
Fellow Pisces: Lionel Sanders, Ashleigh Gentle, and Kat Matthews

These athletes are natural empaths, so they do best when partnered with a positive training buddy, because they soak in the emotions of others. During a race, these athletes tend to do better with more focus on RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and less focus on gadgets. “They know how to dive into what racing is supposed to feel like; that’s why they do well racing without a watch,” Welter says.

Krey explains that a Pisces has high emotional intelligence and self-awareness, which is important for both training and racing. “They will understand when they’re feeling burned out, or anxiety is influencing their life,” she says. But don’t mistake the emotional nature of a Pisces for weakness. “They can feel pain and view it as just another emotion; that’s their strength,” Welter says. “They know how to dig deep at the end of an Ironman in a way that a more analytical athlete might not.”

A Pisces’ ability to race by feel and make adjustments mid-race will suit them well in long course triathlon, for example, on the emotionally-charged Ironman World Championship course in Kona. For this water sign, swimming in Kailua Bay alongside peaceful Honu will be a real treat.

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March 21-April 19
Bold and ambitious. Energetic and assertive. Likes to be number one and loves a challenge.
Fellow Aries: Mirinda Carfrae and Lauren Brandon

Aries is a born athlete. Headstrong and energetic, they aren’t afraid of hard work. They enjoy being at the top of the podium and love a good challenge. But, they can be overly competitive, which can result in blind optimism. They always play to win, but might not take the time to assess the risks of their actions.

If these athletes can rein in their energy, and stick to a well thought-out race plan, they can have great success, particularly in a short to middle distance race with the opportunity for speed. Always up for a challenge, an Aries might enjoy the frigid plunge off the ferry boat and intimidating sand ladder at Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon or the fast-paced Super League race format.

“Athleticism can come from a number of different zodiac placements, but Aries is the most obvious,” Krey says. “Aries is very action oriented sign, so there’s a lot of physical movement, and it’s very instinct driven, which can be great for on-the-spot decision making under pressure.”

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April 20-May 20
Hardworking, determined, and strong. Consistent and deliberate. In tune with the body and connected to the senses.
Fellow Taurus: Gustav Iden, Tamara Jewett, and Chelsea Sodaro

“Taurus really values consistency and embodies a survivor type energy,” Krey says. “In terms of training, this is an athlete who will show up every single day and is really responsible and committed. But this is a fixed earth sign, so they can struggle with change.” Not overly fond of authority, they will challenge someone (coach, training partner, referee) if they think that person is wrong.

Taurus is in tune with the physical body and connected to the natural world through their senses. “In an athlete, that’s a really beautiful thing, because they’re in tune with their body and know what’s needed,” Krey says.

This Earth sign will enjoy the connection to nature on a stunning bike course like 70.3 St. George, and they’re strong, so they won’t mind a lot of elevation at a race like Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

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May 21- June 20
Curious and playful. Excellent learner and communicator. Can get anxious or overwhelmed.
Fellow Geminis: Emma Pallant-Browne, Paula Findlay, and Daniela Ryf

“In terms of sport, harnessing their mental ability is the strength of a Gemini. Really following what strikes their curiosity in the realm of sports will infuse them with the desire to want to dig deeper,” Krey says.

A Gemini is a good sport and a great team player whose playfulness can lighten competitive energy. This is an athlete who brings others together and enjoys sharing experiences about how they train and race.

“A Gemini has a very fast mind, which can produce anxiety,” Krey says. “The goal for a Gemini is not to get lost in all the information and learn what to filter out to stay on point.”

Welter suggests the Gemini athlete focus less on monitoring heart rate and pacing during a race and focus more on RPE. “Even though they like the data, too much focus on numbers can fan the flames of being anxious and nervous,” she says. “Instead, I give them cues, like thinking about what they’re grateful for in that mile, because it will calm nerves. It keeps you in the moment.”

Because Gemini thrives on variety and a social environment, they might enjoy a trip to USAT Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they can choose from a variety of disciplines like open water swimming, draft-legal racing, and mixed relay.

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June 21- July 22
Tenacity and endurance. Quick thinking and sharp instincts. Has emotional depth and intuition, but also the tendency to be moody.
Fellow Cancer: Sebastian Kienle and Jackson Laundry

A Cancer athlete has endurance, which makes them perfectly suited for middle to long distance events. Their quick wit and sharp instincts are highly coveted among those with less mental acuity, but their tendency to be moody can be a detriment in training and racing.

“These athletes need a bit of positive reinforcement, instead of constructive criticism, because they do that already,” Welter says. “A positive mantra like, ‘I can handle anything that comes at me,’ will help them handle adversity better, whether it’s something like losing your goggles or dropping nutrition on the bike. It’s like they have an angel and a devil on their shoulder, and we need to get the angel to talk just a bit more.”

Cancer athletes have the tenacity and endurance to go the distance, so they’re well suited to long course racing. This water sign might enjoy a race with a cool swim course feature like the spectator-lined canal at Ironman Texas or underwater buoy line at Ironman Lake Placid.

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July 23- August 22
Powerful and passionate. Self-confident and determined. Can be fiery and likes the spotlight.
Fellow Leos: Jan Frodeno and Haley Chura

Leo has a larger-than-life personality. These athletes are known for setting big goals and will let nothing stand in their way. Leo likes a bit of drama and spectacle, so they might enjoy an iconic event like Challenge Roth, complete with cheering crowds that line the street as you ride up the legendary Solarer Berg.

A naturally gifted leader, Leo will need to temper their incredible self-confidence with humility, lest it turn into arrogance. On race day, it’s always a good idea for a quick ego check to make sure you don’t go too hard and risk blowing up on the run.

“As a coach, I’ve found that you have to work with the dominant parts of an athlete’s personality and rein it back in, just a bit, so it’s not so extreme,” Welter says.

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August 23- September 22
Precise and detail oriented. Logical and analytical. Caution against being overcritical.
Fellow Virgos: Patrick Lange, Lucy Charles- Barclay, and Dede Griesbauer

“Virgo is all about analyzing the details. They’re really concerned with improvement, so they’re constantly analyzing to find out what’s wrong or try to make something better,” Krey says.

They tend to be perfectionists, which is something most high achievers have in common, but this can also be a detriment, because there’s no such thing as a perfect race. “When something doesn’t go as planned, like you’re feeling sick on the run, you will need to ask yourself how you can create the best possible outcome for the current situation, even though it’s not the perfect situation,” Welter says.

This Earth sign with high standards will appreciate a detail-oriented event like the PTO U.S. Open in Milwaukee.

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September 23- October 22
Likes symmetry, equilibrium, and fair play. Will weigh the pros and cons for everything, so can be indecisive.
Fellow Libra: Tim O’Donnell, Sky Moench, and Rudy Von Berg

A Libra is thoughtful and likes to analyze all the options before making a choice, but this can quickly lead to decision fatigue. In a race environment, it’s important to learn how to trust your gut.

“Teaching an athlete how to become confident and not second guess themselves comes with practice, so doing a race simulation is helpful,” Welter says.

Libras loves balance and equilibrium, so they might do well in a symmetrical race format, like a duathlon. Try the most famous duathlon of them all: the Powerman Zofingen in Switzerland.

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October 23- November 21
Courageous and passionate. Brave and resourceful. Knows what they want and goes after it.
Fellow Scorpio: Magnus Ditlev

Scorpios have the determination to push themselves to the limit, so they’re well-suited to endurance events. They’re strong-willed and not easily intimidated, but they can be stubborn and reactive.

“These athletes are typically really high performers, but they might have life stress that builds up, boils over, and ends with them yelling at a referee,” Welter says. “It might help to get into a more relaxed head space the week of the race by doing yoga, meditation, or cultivating a positive mindset.”

The Scorpio athlete is determined and won’t be easily intimated by the iconic 21-bend bike course of the Alpe D’Huez Triathlon.

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November 22- December 21
Perseverance and endurance. Never give up attitude. Likes adventure and taking risks.
Fellow Sagittarius: Elliot Bach

Sagittarius is optimistic and exudes positive energy. On a never-ending quest for knowledge, they thrive on adventure. This athlete likes taking risks, but they need to be able to handle the consequences, good or bad.

“We talk about when to take a risk, and I actually include it in their race plan, because I know they’re going to do it anyways,” Welter says. “These athletes tend to be competitive people, who have a good fitness base and can back it up, so I just want to tell them when to hold back and when to stay strong. They also have a tendency to want to race too often, which can lead to injury.”

Extroverted Sagittarius is always up for an adventure, so they might enjoy a SwimRun event, like the Odyssey Series on Makinac Island, or the new The Dirty Mitten gravel triathlon in Arkansas.

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December 22- January 19
Independent, disciplined, and tenacious. Looks at the big picture and doesn’t like to be bogged down by details.
Fellow Capricorns: Sam Long and Sam Laidlow

Capricorn athletes are highly driven. They’re resilient, resourceful, and determined to overcome obstacles. They like to set and conquer lofty goals, which makes them suited for an epic challenge. Capricorns are independent and have great perseverance, so they might excel at an event like the Norseman Extreme Triathlon or Ultraman.

“These athletes need specificity in their race day plan,” Welter says. “They need to pay more attention to the details, like remembering to fuel properly. They usually do well with the guidance of a coach who provides accountability and can explain the goal and purpose of each workout, lest they just get fit without any real direction.”

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