The Forgotten Nutritional Tool To Balance Your Body

Many of us do sports mainly to feel better and improve our quality of life.

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Especially among athletes and physically active people fighting off illness before it starts, prophylaxis and prevention, is an essential aspect of the lifestyle. Many of us do sports mainly to feel better and improve our quality of life. In the following we talk a little bit about why this is the case, and how it can be achieved.

As one of the most powerful nutrients and biologically active substances beestings or colostrum should be part of a healthy diet. Consuming it achieves both prophylaxis and prevention.

Oral immunization with beestings/colostrum
If you want to reduce the risk of coming down with any viral infections do whatever you can to strengthen your immunity. We are engulfed by viruses. With the majority of them we perfectly coexist, but under certain circumstances harmless ones can turn harmful, and again others may be even lethal depending on our immune state. Our therapeutic options for viral infections are limited and for chronic virus infections the situation is even worse, therefore prophylaxis, preventing an infection before it starts, is the absolute first choice. A balanced strong immunity can deal with viruses, but a run-down immune system opens the gates for viruses first and then for bacteria. Once that happens, even harmless species can become dangerous.

In our Western society, prophylaxis is commonly associated with vaccinations. Vaccines spare us from coming down with epidemically spread viral or bacterial infections. The proof of concept is sizable. If you escape from the yearly flu epidemic, the tool of prophylaxis was successful.

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Vaccines consist of weakened microbes that cause a very mild form of the respective infection. They are meant to trigger an immune response without us getting sick. Vaccinations have several risk factors that range from ineffectiveness to various side-effects to a full-fledged infection. For many years, science has tried to develop oral vaccines to avoid these health hazards of vaccinations. Until today the polio vaccine is the most successfully administered orally available vaccine.

The oral route is the natural way of initiating immunity. It is the most efficient pathway protecting us from most infectious illnesses, and without side-effects. Beestings, also known as colostrum, as well as other nutrients follow exactly this logic: They interact with our body’s physiology and make us live and survive. They make us strong through a stable physical and mental balance and endow us with an immunity that in the end is capable of coping with all kinds of microbes.

All foods, including beestings pass, the mucosal linings of the mouth, the stomach and the gut, and they interact with the filter-like gigantic immune network of the gut where they are all processed and channeled into the overall communication processes of the body. If this system works properly then an individual’s well-being is guaranteed.

The basic rule for prophylaxis with beestings/colostrum is to take it regularly. Regularity is important, not necessarily the quantity consumed. Take it as if eating, integrate it into your daily diet and you will build up a strong immunity. But we have to be aware of the fact that the body needs time to change. To really benefit from a change in lifestyle can take a year and more.

Prevention with beestings influences the way we age
Here we don’t want to talk extensively about the means we have got at hand to achieve well-being and longevity. Here we want to shortly introduce why beestings/colostrum should have a place in your daily diet, if you want to get the maximum control over your state of health.

The effects of preventive measures are difficult to assess as researchers cannot know what would have happened if individuals had made other choices in life. But the evaluation of long-term studies of large groups of people indicates that how we eat, move and sleep influences our way of aging.

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We have some knowledge about how our lifestyle determines our life and death from field studies of other cultures and societies, and we have our own statistics that look from today back to the 1950’s. They scarily show the increase in chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tumors, allergies, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases and others, an endless list of illnesses that may not always be lethal but having an enormous impact on how we live and how we die one day. All of them can influence our lifespan.

Data indicates that obviously the quality and the amount of food we ingest is of greatest importance for our wellbeing and longevity. It is more important than our genetic outfit, which is in somehow comforting. It gives us, to a certain extent, control over our quality of lif

Inflammation is the key to well-being and the key to illness
Inflammation has much more of an impact on your body than a swollen ankle. It dictates many aspects of health. When the inflammatory systems in our body are well controlled and balanced, they are without symptoms of illness. These inflammatory processes, key to our wellbeing, are influenced by what we eat (as well as moving and sleeping, but not to such an extent). Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis and many more diseases all have a strong inflammatory component. Preventing this type of inflammation from becoming chronic should be our primary goal if we want to feel well and prevent the above mentioned illnesses. Beestings/colostrum can contribute its share here. It supports the bodily systems that regulate and control these inflammations.

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But if you want beestings/colostrum to have this effect, it must be taken regularly over a lifetime. Building up the robustness of the regulation system in control (nervous system, immune system, and hormones) needs this steady stimulus. Moreover, the body needs time to change. Really benefitting from a change in lifestyle can take a year and more. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

Susann Kraeftner, MD, the founder and scientist behind Biestmilch, has worked in intensive care and the pharmaceutical industry. For many years she was looking to escape medicine and find a way to get involved with a more creative line of work. Since 2000 I have pursued my life experiment to resuscitate beestings as sports nutrition. We call it Biestmilch. Go to to learn more.

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