Day 13: Schedule a Workout With a Friend

The benefits of doing triathlon with a buddy are huge.

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For lucky day 13, we’ve got a simple task: ask a friend to do one of the Triathlete Challenge workouts with you! Easy ask, big rewards. Doing a workout with a friend comes with benefits:

1. They’ll Hold You Accountable

Want to hit your training goals? This study from the the Psychology of Sport and Exercise shares the value of having someone by your side when you’re pursuing exercise goals. The study found that exercise habits of close friends were closely associated with one’s own exercise habits. Though it’s nice to have research to back it up, it’s not rocket science. Surrounding yourself with people who have common interests will help you to stay motivated to accomplish your own goals. This is especially true if you have a set workout with someone. If you have a 5 a.m. bike ride scheduled for Saturday morning, you’re a lot more likely to show up if you know there’s someone meeting you. 

2. They’ll Make You a Little Competitive

Author Susan Lacke says it best in this article about training buddies. “It’s well-documented that training with others makes us step up our game in ways we wouldn’t necessarily do when working out alone,” she writes. “This phenomenon is known in academic-speak as ‘social facilitation,’ or performing better in the presence of others; You probably know it as ‘throwing down,’ ‘talking shit,’ or ‘I’ll-be-damned-if-I-get-dropped-today.’”

While every workout doesn’t need to be a throw down, knowing that someone is holding you accountable to a pace or effort can go a long way when you’re working through a session. 

3. They’ll Help You Set Your Goals

Setting goals and “A” races for the season ahead is never an easy task, so take advantage of your training time (or consider grabbing coffee after!) to bounce some of your ideas off of your training buddy. They’ll help you suss out what is or isn’t realistic as you look ahead to your 2020 season.

Get a buddy to join you? Snap a photo on Instagram, tag @Triathletemag, and use the hashtag #TriathleteChallenge. Our favorite posts will get some fun tri goodies.

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