CNN Fit Nation Lucky Seven Recap: Glenn Keller

“I learned a lot more about what I’m capable of and what I can deal with."

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Every year, CNN assembles a group of “iReporters” to train for a key triathlon and hopefully make healthy lifestyle changes along the way. This year’s group was known as the “Lucky Seven” and took on the 2012 Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sept. 16. Each day of the next week we’ll introduce you to a member of the team and tell you a little bit about what he/she learned along the way. Today we profile Glenn Keller.

“I learned a lot more about what I’m capable of and what I can deal with. That translates into so many other areas of my life once I recognized that hey, if I can do this, then I can do that. It just increased my confidence level, even the way I feel about myself now knowing that I’m not 300 pounds anymore. There’s still weight to be lost, but there is just a big incentive to keep this up because of how I feel, how I look, my confidence level and all. It’s just been a beautiful thing for me. It’s been incredible.”

Memorable Racing Moment:

“Besides crossing the finish line? I experienced some challenges during the bike ride because we didn’t take our bikes with us. We had to rent bikes so they were kind of unfamiliar. My chain came off four times, which means I fell four times. I was kind of scratched up and bruised up, but I still finished. I learned a little bit about what I was made of that I wasn’t aware of before.”

Training Trials:

  • “The biggest challenge for me with my job and driving across the country was finding time to work out and being able to get to a swimming pool and just remembering how important it was to fit it in.”
  • “There were some times that I got to a truck stop at night and I hadn’t worked out that day, but I didn’t want to get in the habit of skipping training. I got to a truck stop at 10 one night and it was raining, so I was out there running around the truck stop.”

Training Triumphs:

  • “The best part of the training was losing the weight and feeling better and breathing better and becoming a whole lot healthier than I had been in a long time.”

Nutrition Improvements:

“I used to eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted. Now my portions are smaller and I eat fewer sweets.”

Lucky Seven Camaraderie:

“There is not a greater group of people anywhere in the world. The relationships that we all developed, the support that we got from one another, it was awesome. One of my teammates, Adrienne, got married in September. I was able to actually travel to New York and officiate a wedding for her.”

Personal Lessons:

  • “Part of the Fit Nation Challenge is being accountable. It made me all of a sudden want to do it, and want to be healthier, and want to change my diet and get in better shape. I just realized that it was possible and I could do anything if I made up my mind and stuck to it.”
  • “One of the biggest things [triathlon has] taught me is discipline, making time to work out and just doing the things that were going to be necessary to cross the finish line.”


  • April Gellatly (CNN Fit Nation triathlon consultant): “She was just so supportive, no matter what it was. She never lost her cool. Everything that came out of her mouth was positive and encouraging. She always knew that we could do it.”

Next Year’s Challenge:

  • 2013 CNN FitNation Challenge

Advice for Triathlon Newbies:

“Don’t give up. Start at whatever pace you’re able to. Work at it as hard as you can. The benefits are well worth the effort you put into it.”

Want to be a member of the 2013 CNN Fit Nation team, or know someone who would be a good fit? Visit to learn how to be considered.

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