Not all of us have Zwift. Some people still just slog it out on the trainer with the TV blasting in the background. But if you’re all about the indoor training these days, then you might be running low on TV shows and podcasts these days. We got you.

We asked for your indoor training recommendations for podcasts and TV shows and here were some of your favorite picks.

Your Podcasts for Training

Triathlete Magazine has also launched its first podcast, The Triathlete Hour. Listen to the first episode with Sarah True.

Your TV Shows and Movie Suggestions for Training

We also asked for your favorite things to watch on the trainer, and those suggestions were a bit more all over the place—from action franchises like The Bourne Identity movies or the entire Marvel Comics Universe catalogue (either in chronological or release order) to the ‘Where Dreams Go to Die‘ documentary following the infamous Barkleys Marathon. Or you can just watch the Netflix docu-drama ‘Cheer’ like everyone else.

But there were a couple of suggestions for things to watch while riding the trainer that came up over and over—some actual triathlon suggestions. Put these on your screen for a little inspiration while you hammer away.

The Pros’ Recommendations

We also asked a few of the pros how they’re coping with the spread of coronavirus and the accompanying restrictions. And, we asked them for a few of their indoor TV and podcast recommendations too.

Meredith Kessler:

We just finished ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix, and it kept our attention all the way through. Amazon Prime has two seasons of ‘Counterpart’ that my husband has been watching and thoroughly enjoys if you like a little sci-fi! ‘Dirty John,’ based on a true story, was pretty good too on Netflix, as I love Connie Britton.

Ben Hoffman:

I’ve been listening to the Zwift Power Up Tri podcast lately, catching up on older episodes. I think they have a good structure for most of the podcasts, and I always walk away learning something new. For the TV side of things, you can’t go wrong scoping out the wide variety of content on RedBull TV.

Linsey Corbin:

I am going to go with a straight up book recommendation: Educated by Tara Westover or The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday.