Why I Ride Indoors: Sika Henry

Plus two trainer workouts to boost your skills before this weekend’s group ride.

Sika Henry loves riding her bike – but the roads in her hometown of Newport News, VA, don’t share the same bike love.

“I don’t live in a bike-friendly area,” explains the 35 year-old project manager and age-group triathlete, “There are few bike lanes and traffic lights on every corner. Plus, I typically get off work when the sun is setting and visibility on the roads is low.”

For safety reasons, Henry has done the majority of her bike training for half-Iron distance races indoors. “For the six years I’ve been a triathlete, indoor bike training has always been a part of my routine. The only time I’m not on my trainer is for long group rides on the weekends. But Monday through Friday, you’ll find me on my Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer.”

For Henry, the trainer allows for continuous, focused training. “There are fewer distractions when I’m on my indoor trainer. There are no stop signs, red lights, or potholes to worry about, so I can be more engaged in my workouts.” Removing these navigational barriers allows Henry to focus on important metrics, like heart rate and power, for longer periods of time. She also utilizes the seamless integration of her Saris H3 Smart Trainer to connect to indoor cycling apps like TrainerRoad and Zwift.

But most importantly, riding indoors means there are no excuses to get her training in each day. “Riding consistently is one of the keys to improvement, and without my indoor trainer, I would be limited to riding only once or twice per week.”

Trainer Workouts for Indoor Road Warriors

Sika’s Favorite: Long Intervals

“I use a power-based training app for the majority of my indoor workouts. My favorite workouts tend to be long intervals that make the most of the time I’m on my Saris H3 Smart Trainer.”


10 minutes easy spin 50% FTP

5 minutes gradual ramp-up to 70% FTP

Main Set

4 x 15 minutes 80-90% FTP

5 minutes recovery between each set

Cool Down

15 minutes easy spin 50% FTP

Saris Pick: Group Ride Prep

Those who ride with a group know the pace isn’t always constant. This trainer session provides plenty of variability to help prepare for surges in the group ride (like when you pass another cyclist or take off after a turn).


10 minutes easy spin 50% FTP

5 x 30 seconds high cadence spin, 30 seconds recovery

Main Set

Three rounds of:

10 minutes 75% FTP

5 minutes alternating between 10-second sprints and 10 seconds of recovery

Cool Down

5 minutes easy spin 50% FTP

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