Weekend Swim Workout: Using a Backyard Pool Swim Tether

Have access to a play pool, but not quite sure how to use it to maintain swim fitness? Coach Sara McLarty is here to help.

Your backyard pool has never looked more inviting than a month after every public pool in the world closed. Purchase a swim tether or make your own (a belt and some rope and/or bungee cord), kick the kids out, grab your swim bag, and get in the water. The video at the bottom shows how to set up and use a backyard pool swim tether, and then fellow Swim Like a Pro coach Misty Becerra demonstrates the workout.

Backyard Pool Swim Tether Workout

Warm Up

5 minutes of easy swimming & experimentation
3 minutes easy with a pull buoy
2 minutes easy kicking

Main Sets

*Only count one arm*

4 – 6 x [40 strokes FAST, 20 strokes easy, 20 strokes FAST, 10 strokes easy, rest :30]
3 – 5 x [100 strokes, build each 20 strokes (last 20 strokes are Sprint), rest :30]

Cool Down

3 minutes easy swim, some non-freestyle strokes
2 minutes “play” off the tether