Weekend Swim Workout: Backyard Pool Drills

Hop in the backyard pool (or bake your neighbor some cookies and use theirs) and try this swim tether workout from coach Sara McLarty.

You can do most drills and technique work while hooked to the tether. See the workout details and then watch coach Sara and Misty demonstrate the entire workout in the video from Swim Like a Pro below. Check out Sara’s first video for more advice on how to setup a backyard tether.

Backyard Pool Tether Workout

Equipment Needed

Pull Buoy
A digital clock on the pool deck


3 min swim
2 min kick
1 min non-free

Drill Set (repeat 3-5 times)

30 sec sculling (front scull or mid-position)
30 sec shark tap drill
60 sec easy swim (focus on the finish of your stroke)
Rest 30 sec

Main Set (repeat 3-5 times)

60 sec sprint/fast kick
10 pop-ups
60 sec easy swim
5 pop-outs
60 sec sprint/fast swim
Rest 30 sec


1 min backstroke
1 min breaststroke
1 min freestyle