Weekend Swim Workout: 15x Stretch Cord Main Set + Core Work

Maybe you can't swim, but you can still be intentional about working on your swim strength.

This workout from coach Sara McLarty is designed as a swim/strength workout for when you don’t have access to a pool—which is most of us in this crazy time. It can be designed to take you between 15-30 minutes to complete (based on how many reps you choose).

See the workout details and then watch coach Sara demonstrate the entire workout in the video from Swim Like a Pro below.

Swim Stretch Cord Workout

Equipment Needed:

Stretch Cords
Workout mat
A digital clock


1 min single arm/30 sec sculling/30 sec rest
1 min double arm/30 sec high elbow catch/30 sec rest
1 min single or double arm/30 sec tricep push back/30 sec rest

Strength Set (repeat 2-3 times)

15 x standing rows
15 x reverse chest flys
15 x chest flys
15 x chest press

Main Set (repeat 3-4 times)

30 sec single arm/30 sec double arm/30 sec rest
60 sec single arm/60 sec double arm/60 sec rest
90 sec single arm/90 sec double arm/90 sec rest


5 minutes core on the mat