Triathlete Challenge: At Home Strength Workout #2

Get ready for a dynamic all-body workout.

As we continue working towards the strength section of our Triathlete Challenge at the end of the month, strength and conditioning coach Kate Ligler is continuing to prepare you with this second workout of the series. The challenge, on May 29/30, will involve 15 minutes of working through as many rounds as possible of five different exercises. This second workout builds on last week’s and includes some mobility/activation work for warm-up followed by two sets of total body exercises with some classics such as push-ups, squats, and planks. It is not an easy workout! As with last week’s routine, there are options to use weights (5-15lbs) if desired—or just stick to bodyweight only. 

There are videos from Ligler showing you how to perform each exercise, so be sure to watch closely for correct form and technique. Many of these exercises are similar or identical to the work she undertakes with pro triathletes such as Meredith Kessler (you can hear Kessler talking about the importance of this during our recent Triathlete Live show). 

Ligler has more than 15 years of experience working with age-group and pro endurance athletes. She specializes in hands-on functional strength and conditioning, as well as sport-specific program design, and is a seasoned road cyclist and mountain biker.

Triathlete Challenge: At Home Strength Workout #2



Repeat x3

  • Hip and Chest Openers (Video). 8 reps/side. The foam roller is optional in this movement. Sink into that knee on the ground while squeezing the glute to create space in the front of the hip. 
  • Reverse Lunges + Press Out (Video). 8 reps/leg. Step back into a reverse lunge while pressing the arms directly out in front of you, engaging your chest. Squeeze the glute of the non-stepping leg and return to standing with good posture.
  • Snow Angels (Video). 8 reps. This movement can be performed either lying down or standing against a wall. Drive the elbows out and around in an arc from your lats to full overhead extension. 

Main Set: Strength

Set #1: Total Body

Repeat x3

  • Push-Ups on Knees or Toes (Video). 10 reps. Perform this movement on your knees (beginners) or toes (advanced). From a hand plank position, tighten the core and screw the hands into the floor as your chest drops between the elbows. Press up to starting position. 
  • Front Squat with Double Tap (Video). 15 reps. Posture should remain tall and engaged as the hips drive back and down on this movement. Tap a bench or box behind you and then lift up slightly before tapping back down again to the chosen surface. After the second tap, squeeze the glutes to return to standing. Weight (5-15lbs) can be added to additionally load the core and quads (for more advanced athletes). 
  • Inchworms to Plank (Video). 5 reps. From standing, forward fold at the waist driving the hips backwards until your hands reach the ground. Walk out to hand plank position before walking back in by reversing the motion. Legs should remain as straight as possible (advanced), but can be softly bent for beginners.

Set #2: Total Body

Repeat x3

  • Plank with Lateral Shoulder Taps (Video). 10 taps/arm.  From hand plank position (advanced) or on knees (beginner), tighten the core and engage the lat of the planted arm as you reach across to touch the opposite shoulder. Without twisting the hips, reverse the motion and swap arms.
  • Split Squats + Step Through (Video). 10 reps/leg. Begin in a stagger stance and focus on dropping the back knee directly toward the floor while minimizing twist or lean from the hips. Tighten the core and drive the back leg forward and up until your thigh is parallel to the floor at your waist. Additional weight (5-15lbs) can be added to challenge the glutes/quads (advanced).
  • Shoulder Presses (Seated or Boat Pose) (Video). 10 presses. From a seated position (beginner) or boat pose (advanced), engage the core and lengthen the spine and posture as much as possible. With palms facing forward, lift the hands directly overhead from the shoulders without compromising spinal positioning. Additional weight (5-15lbs) can be added to challenge the core/posture (highly advanced).