Top 10 Most Popular Workouts of 2018

Need some workout inspiration as you head into the new year? Here are the most popular swim, bike, run, and strength workouts that have been featured on in 2018. Happy training!

50-Focused Endurance Swim

A mixture of short, fast swimming and slightly longer intervals later in the set from coach Drew Sapp make this workout a great way to optimize your time in the pool.
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5 Activation Drills to Do Before Every Workout

Many of us rely on caffeine to jumpstart our days. Coach Jim Vance says that for triathletes, activation drills serve a similar purpose by waking up muscles prior to a workout or race.
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Power and Strength Swim Set

This workout is an essential pool strength set that helps to maintain your form late in your tri swim. Even if you’re a reasonably good technical swimmer in the pool, the open water is another animal entirely.
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Treadmill Pyramid

Hate the dread-mill? The best way to get through an hour on the old conveyor belt is to break up the session into manageable pieces—check in with your form for even more value.
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Lactate Clearance Run

Ideally done in the middle phase of training, this lactate clearance run from coach Michael Gallagher is deceptively difficult but effective at “teaching” your body to respond to mid-race surges—whether it’s due to changing conditions, terrain, race strategy, or simply excitement out of T2.
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Cycling Tempo Ladder

Use this set to get in a quick, but tough, nonstop bike tempo session.
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Long-Interval Strength Swim Set

Use this set as a way to get some early-season power back into your stroke without slipping on technique.
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Run Threshold Pacing

This workout comes from coach Michael Gallagher. “This is a great workout to add some discomfort into your program,” says Gallagher. “It helps the body and mind get used to running at higher intensities with shorter rests.”
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Climb the Pyramid Bike Session

Use this workout to increase your threshold and get comfortable powering over climbs.
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Raising the Bar

Coach Michelle Duffield finds that her athletes tend to want to spend too much time training at their target race pace, so she uses this workout as her go-to session to help them work above their comfort level.

“This is where things start to get uncomfortable, but it’s also where you will start to raise the bar on your threshold, and thereby improve your body’s aerobic threshold capacity,” she says.
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