Weekend Swim Workout: Strong 200s

A new workout, full of variety, to take to the pool this weekend.

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If you’re looking for a fresh swim set for the weekend, look no further. This progressive set will have you building from one skill to the next, culminating in strong 200s and fast 50s. This workout will have you climbing out of the pool feeling strong and confident (but not completely smashed) – a perfect way to start your weekend!

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500 choice warm-up
5×50 kick on 1:00
5×100 swim on 1:30 (build each 100)
5×150 pull on 2:10 (3/5/7 breathing pattern by 50)
5×200 swim on 2:40 (all strong)
9×50 on :55 (2 easy, 1 RACE, repeat)
300 cool-down (50 kick/100 swim, repeat)
*3700 total*

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400 choice warm-up
4×50 kick on 1:15
4×100 swim on 2:00 (build each 100)
4×150 pull on 3:00 (3/5/7 breathing pattern by 50)
4×200 swim on 3:45 (all strong)
6×50 on 1:10 (2 easy, 1 RACE, repeat)
300 cool-down
(50 kick/100 swim, repeat)
*3000 total*

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300 choice warm-up
3×50 kick with 15 sec rest
3×100 swim with
20 sec rest (build
each 100)
3×150 pull with 30 sec rest (3/5/7 breathing pattern by 50)
3×200 swim with
15 sec rest (all strong)
4×50 with 30 sec rest (1 easy, 1 RACE, repeat)
100 cool-down
*2100 total*

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