Weekend Swim Workout: Back to Basics

Set yourself up for swimming success with drills that work on the fundamentals like body position, breathing, kicking, and relaxing.

Novice and intermediate swimmers working on technique and efficiency: This is your jam. Advanced swimmers can use this set as an easy session to reinforce all the little details required for fast swimming.

2 – 6 x 100 swim/50 kick warm-up; fins, no board
Fins allow you to focus on your body position while kicking.

4 – 10 x 50 with 10 seconds rest (breathe every 3/5 by 25)
Bilateral breathing is vital for triathletes in open water.

1 x 300-600 no walls, 2x sighting every 25
Mimic open water by not touching any of the walls.

4 – 8 x 75 with 15 seconds rest (25 right-arm only, 25 left-arm only, 25 swim)
Single-arm drills reveal weaknesses in your stroke.

2 – 5 x 200 pull with 20 seconds rest (50 FAST/ 150 smooth)
Elevate your heart rate and then practice recovering while swimming.

100 – 200 non-free cool-down

Total: 1,600 – 3,800