One-Hour Workout: A Tough Indoor Brick

This bike/run session should be considered a difficult workout in your training week schedule.

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s workout comes from Los Angeles-based Gareth Thomas, a 20-year coaching veteran who has worked with top endurance athletes including world and national champions in triathlon, duathlon and cycling. Thomas is FFI, NCF, RAW and ITEC certified and is the author of “Triathlon: Cutting Edge Training for Athletes of All Abilities.”

The indoor brick should be considered a difficult workout in your training week schedule. It works on how to adapt to the physical changes from biking to running as well as the technical aspect of transition work. Particularly focus on maintaining good running form during the first minute of the run interval and pushing through the final 30 seconds. Maintaining proper cadence during this workout is also key.

This workout can be performed in any number of ways. Ideally, use your own bike on an indoor trainer and treadmill, but a spin bike works in a pinch. Just remember to use your cycling shoes—no toe clips!

5 minutes easy jog
5 minutes spin at 70% effort and 90 rpm
2 x (20 sec left leg only/ 20 sec right leg only/ 20 sec both legs) – do NOT unclip the non-working leg
3 x (20 sec at 80% effort; 40 sec easy spin)

Main Set
5 mins ride at 85% effort (near Olympic-distance race pace) and 85-90 rpm into
3 min run at 85% effort immediately off the bike (Olympic-distance race pace)
2 min recovery

Repeat main set 4x through

5 min easy jog/walk

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