One-Hour Workout: Thanksgiving Tempo Turkey Trot

There might be very few—if any—in-person turkey trots this year, but this workout can help fill the void.

In honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, today’s One-Hour Workout might just be the closest we get to a traditional Turkey trot this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This workout involves two 20-minute “steady tempo” efforts, punctuated with a short rest interval, that will help inject some speedy fun into your Thanksgiving Day.

Begin with a steady 10-15 minute warm-up, gradually bringing your RPE up to 6-7/10 by the end. Add a few short pick-ups—just 20 seconds—of accelerated running, to help prepare your body (and mind) for the efforts ahead.

Once you feel well warmed up (and remember it might take more than 15 minutes!), you’ll begin the main set: a 20-minute steady tempo effort (think 8/10 RPE), evenly paced and with consistent effort, followed by a five-minute recovery jog, before hitting a second 20-minute steady tempo effort (at the same RPE, 8/10). Don’t force the pace or the effort, let it come naturally and build into each effort, but be aware of going out too hard (and then suffering for it). If you feel great, then by all means push the effort in the closing parts of the second interval.

Be sure to cool down well with 10 minutes (or more, if time allows) or easy jogging/walking. Happy Thanksgiving!

One-Hour Workout: Thanksgiving Tempo Turkey Trot


10-15 min. steady running, culminating in 6-7/10 RPE by end, adding in 2-3 x 20-sec. pick-ups

Main Set

2 x 20-min. steady tempo efforts @ 8/10 RPE with 5 min. recovery jog between


10 min. (or as needed) easy jog