One-Hour Workout: Steady State Trainer Session #3

Coach Andrew Shanks uses this set as part of a steady-state training buildup.

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s workout comes from Andrew Shanks, a coach for Dynamo Multisport based in Atlanta, Ga. He uses this set as part of a steady-state training buildup (see his first workout here and second workout here).

He suggests using power numbers as your first choice, otherwise you can use heart rate or perceived exertion as a measure of effort. Percentages are based on FTP/Lactate Threshold Heart Rate, etc.

10 min fairly easy, building towards Zone 2
3×30 sec high cadence, 30 sec soft pedal recovery
3 min Zone 2
2 min Zone 3
2 min easy
= 20 min total

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Main Set
[Do this four times through]
4 min at 80–85% power/85-90% HR
2 min at 95–100% power/95–100% HR
2 min at 50% power/easy effort, HR should get back to Zone 2
2 min at 60% power/HR should be steady Zone 2

Take a few extra minutes to spin easy here if/as needed.

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