One-Hour Workout: Steady State Trainer Session #2

Coach Andrew Shanks uses this indoor bike session as part of a steady-state training buildup.

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s workout comes from Andrew Shanks, a coach for Dynamo Multisport based in Atlanta, Ga. He uses this set as part of a steady-state training buildup (see his first workout here).

He suggests using power numbers as your first choice, otherwise you can use heart rate or perceived exertion as a measure of effort. Percentages are based on FTP/Lactate Threshold Heart Rate, etc.

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10 min fairly easy, building towards Zone 2
3×30 sec high cadence, 30 sec soft pedal recovery
3 min Zone 2
2 min Zone 3
2 min easy
= 20 min total

Main Set
[Do this four times through]
4 min at 80–85% power/85-90% HR
1 min at 95–100% power/95–100% HR
3 min at 50% power/easy effort, HR should get back to Zone 2
2 min at 60% power/HR should be steady Zone 2

Take a few extra minutes to spin easy here if/as needed.

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