One-Hour Workout: 3, 2, 1, Done!

Knock out some long run intervals with a set that breaks it down into bite-size portions.

This week’s workout is brought to you by Cody Moore, founder of Boulder-based Forever Endurance. Cody coaches professional cyclists and triathletes, including the current Mexican elite road race and time trial national champion. He is certified by USAC, USAT, and the NSCA.

“Too many time-crunched triathletes miss out on the quality run-intensity they need to be able to race at their best,” Moore says. “By squeezing in one or two quality run-intensity sessions each week, athletes can expect to be stronger, less prone to injury, and have the ability to ‘sprint for the line’ if ever needed.”

Ideally, do this session on flat, fast terrain with an easily repeatable and consistent route. “Road, light gravel, and/or the track are perfectly fine, and bringing along a training buddy or two will only add to the fun,” Moore says. If time is an issue, Moore recommends cutting out the 1K effort and simply doing the 2K and 3K sections. As this is a fairly intense workout, be sure to leave adequate recovery before your next big bike or run session.

10 minutes of easy Zone 1 (Easy, <3/10 Rate of Perceived Exertion or RPE) to Zone 2 (Steady – 5/10 RPE) running. Include dynamic stretching to open up your hips.

Main Set
1x through entire set

3K (1.5K out, 1.5K back unless on a track) as:
1.5K build from easy to goal 10K race pace
1.5K hold goal 10K race pace

3-5 minutes complete rest (concentrate on getting heart rate down)

2K (1K out, 1K back) as:
1K at 10K race pace with 5-second surges to goal 5K race pace every 200m (5 total)
1K at goal 5K pace

3-5 minutes complete rest

1K (500m out, 500m back) as:
500m build from goal 10K race pace to roughly goal 3K race pace
500m at goal 3K race pace

5 minutes of easy Zone 1 running (<3 RPE)