Benchmark A Better You: Week 5 Strength Workouts

Here’s the Week 5 workout from strength coach Kevin Purvis to help you prepare for the final benchmark test.

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Welcome to Week 5 of our Benchmark a Better You strength challenge. With the final benchmark test approaching fast, we hope you’ve been enjoying the workouts and you’re ready to see all the improvements you’ve made. Remember to repeat the three benchmark tests (from Week 1) at the end of this week to see how much you’ve improved your balance, core, and mobility over the past five weeks. Strength and conditioning coach Kevin Purvis has designed this Week 5 workout to help make sure you really see the gains. 

The Week 5 workout is shown below and ideally you’ll repeat this workout three times over the week. There are demonstration videos for each exercise. Exercises that are grouped together should be performed as a circuit for the prescribed number of rounds. 

Benchmark a Better You: Strength Workout Week #5

Exercises grouped in a cell should be performed as a circuit for the prescribed number of rounds.

1 Round Reps Video
Mid Foot/Big Toe Mobility x10 each Link
Mobility Sequence x3-5 each Link
Cat/Cow x10 total Link
Low Lunge with Rotation x3-5 each Link
3 Rounds Reps Video
Cross Body Reach x5 each side Link
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift to Press x10 total Link
Lateral Lunge Mobility x10 total Link
3 Rounds Reps Video
Toe Touch Squat x5 Link
Goblet Squat x10 Link
3 Rounds Reps Video
Plank Series x10/3/10 Link
Standing Hydrants x15 Link
Scapular Press & Sweep x10 Link
Lateral Plank with Adductors x20-30 sec. each Link
3 Rounds Reps Video
Ankle Inversion/Eversion x20 total Link
Eyes Closed Sway x10 total Link
Single Leg Balance x20 sec. each Link
Alternating T’s x10 each Link