#TriathleteLive: Strength Training for Triathletes with Erin Carson

Take your training to the next level with this advice from strength coach Erin Carson.

Erin Carson, who coaches a host of superstar triathletes, joins us in our studio in Boulder to talk all things strength training. Erin is also an accomplished age-group triathlete who recently competed at the 70.3 Worlds in Nice, France. Check back to next week for the more specific exercises Carson mentions in the talk.

:46 Erin Carson talks about some of the professional triathletes that she works out with out of her gym. She specifically mentions three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O’Donnell, Jeanni Seymour, and Justin Metzler.

4:03 Erin talks about her own experience as an age-group triathlete.

5:18 Erin talks about the question that most triathletes have, “Why should I take the time to strength train?” #healthybeforefit She also talks about how much time triathletes should spend focusing on strength training. It’s easier to fit in than you might realize.

10:06 “What percentage of weekly training should be made up of strength training?”

11:50 Erin talks about the idea that strength work will make you sore and limit your ability to do critical swim, bike, and run workouts.

14:26 “Is it good for Ironman distance athletes to live heavy weights? Will it make me build unnecessary muscle mass?”

17:00 “More weight or more reps for triathletes?”

17:50 “What are your thoughts on plyometrics?”

19:30 Erin shares the first plyometric exercise that triathletes should try.

21:12 Erin talks about some of the ITU athletes she’s working with ahead of the push to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

23:04 Erin on the idea of strength training without shoes.

25:25 “Is there a specific part of the body that triathletes need to be concerned about?”

28:15 Erin talks about foundation training. “It’s about decompressing the spine with your breath.”

30:40 “Nothing new on race week!”

32:00 The importance of strength training as we age.

34:00 The role of the squat in strength training.

35:51 The key strength movement for triathletes: The deadlift.

37:30 Erin talks about activation work before swim workouts. “Anything that will turn on the lat muscle.”

38:50 “What are some exercises to avoid shoulder impingement?”

40:04 Erin shares her thoughts on CrossFit.

41:02 Erin breaks down the myth of what constitutes a “core exercise.” “Almost every exercise you do is a core exercise.”

44:20 “Should triathletes be paying more attention to glute strength?”

46:33 Erin talks about adding mobility exercises.

47:52 “How do you deal with IT band issues?”