Triathlete Challenge: At Home Brick Workout #2

Here’s the second brick workout from coach Mark Allen to ensure you’re in great shape for our end-of-the-month Challenge.

Brick workouts are always a key part of preparing for any triathlon race or challenge—and this second workout from coach and six-time Ironman world champion Mark Allen will keep you on track for success with our virtual challenge on May 29/30. 

As a coach to scores of age-group and professional triathletes, Allen knows how to train athletes for optimal results. He says: “Each of these brick workouts is designed to help you be ready for an Olympic distance race or virtual challenge. This second one is a bit different to a classic brick and alternates between bike and run three times to help you further gain that ability to transition the muscle groups from bike to run quickly. It is also at a higher intensity than last week’s workout—about at race pace for some parts of it.” 

The bike workout is 50 minutes and the run is ~20 minutes for a total time of approximately 80 minutes. Be sure to warm up well and transition to running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Allen typically prescribes workouts by heart rate zones, with zones and correlating RPE (rate of perceived exertion) as follows:

Z1: 50-60% of maximum heart rate, RPE 4/10
Z2: 60-70% of maximum heart rate, RPE 5-6/10
Z3: 70-80% of maximum heart rate, RPE 7/10
Z4: 80-90% maximum heart rate, RPE 8-9/10
Z5: 90-100% maximum heart rate, RPE 10/10

Brick Workout #2

Warm up

Bike 10 min gradually getting into the top of zone 2/lower end of zone 3 (RPE 5-7/10)
10 min steady riding in the mid-range of zone 3 (RPE 7/10)

Main Set

Run 10 min mid-range of zone 3 (RPE 7/10)
Bike 5 min easy then 10 min lower end of zone 4 (RPE 8/10)
Run 10 min lower end of zone 4 (RPE 8/10)
Bike 5 min easy into 5 min top end of zone 4 (RPE 9/10)
Run 5 min top end of zone 4 (RPE 9/10)


5-10 min easy running